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I've been having a pain in the muscle of my left arm for some time and wonder whether anyone else has had that, it's definitely muscle pain and halfway between my shoulder and elbow, doesn't relate to any use of the arm, in fact I use the computer a lot and would expect my left hand and arm to ache sometimes which they do, but this is almost continual even when I have not been using the arm other than for eating, dressing, etc. It is an intense pain right in the muscle. I do have arthritis of the top of the spine and wonder whether it might be referred pain, any ideas would be welcome. Thanks, Sue

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  • I've had pain like this too for a while Sue, also pins and needles in my hands so went to Dr and had an ECG In case it was my heart, ok thankfully and also an x ray on my neck which showed wear and tear of arthritis so maybe it's coming from the arthritis in your spine as you said. I would go to the Dr though just in case to check it out. :-)

  • Yes many thanks, I will do that.

  • Hi Sue, I had that only in my right arm for some weeks now, I had it a couple of years ago, and the fibro specialist gave me an injection and it eased it , but has come with avengance, it is slightly different this time cos the muscle keeps going into. Spasm, I also h ave arthritis of the lumber spine and cervical spine, so I guess the pain could be a little of both....gentle hugs... Dee x

  • thanks Dee, Sue

  • Hi there,I also get pains in the muscles in my arms sometimes although it's not nowhere as near as bad as the pain I get in my back,hips and neck which is my worst pain.I would get it checked out to put your mind at ease.I use one of those heat type muscle rubs for my arms which helps ease it a bit x

  • thanks for responding, Sue

  • MIorning Sue and all I too get pains in arms and fingers pins and needles and a weekening grip etc etc it goes on and on..

    It is a very good idea to get it checked then you can relax a little as it is not only painfull but worrying. When you have been let us all know how you got on good luck


  • Hi, yes I often get those symptoms, this is a quite specific locked muscle cramp that stays continually in one place without any other pain, it's as if I have used the muscle repeatedly to carry something over-heavy and over-stretched it, but actually it has come on without use. Thanks for your thoughts, Sue

  • Hi,I am having really bad pain in my right shoulder and the back of my neck and collar bone.Aim at the hospital at 5 30 today for x ray and then I have to go for an ultra sound that is when the appointment comes through.I have not had any sleep for the last 3 nights because now pain also in my arm running down to my elbow.May be when I get the results it might help you xx

  • Hi all. I too have had the same pain in both my arms. I have been going to a chiropractor for over a year who has worked wonders with me. I sleep on my side in the foetal position, which is the best for your spine, but wake up with completely dead hands. When I told my chiropractor this she examined my pectoral muscle and found them to be super tight and said that this is the cause for this particular pain. So she has given me a gentle exercise to do to help release the pec muscle. It appears to be working and I know have more range of movement in both my arms. I find a good cracking and adjustment by her does me good for so many things. I only wish chiropractic was available on the nhs.


  • Hi, thanks for info, yes I wish it was too! Sue

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