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Heloo FM friends.. just to say a big happy easter and so sorry i am not here at moment and going away! well needed too much to explain :-( x

Heloo FM friends.. just to say a big happy easter and so sorry i am not here at moment and going away! well needed too much to explain :-( x

ok so much has gone on alately both work, home and my kids that have left home , so no point explaining really only that i have 4 children

24yr old son pulled torn some muscle between shoulder blades and is on Tramadol and waiting physio,

22 yr old dauighter just had blood test results and anaemic so on folic acid as she has been so tired

a 17 yr old who is complicated and not living with me from past year and is depressed and has thoughts i do not want to repeat as it upsets me and i at wits end wandering what i shoudl do as a parent .

a 12 yr old who is having a boat load of blood tests done yet again on 3rd April due to her constant not being well on/off school and attendance hittting so low!! 70%

i am suffering tonite so so much hands are soooooooooo panful and throbbing and finger tips and my neck , shoulders, arm weakness, fatigue is dying beyond ,all joints are hurting and stiff etc what more can i say,

hubby has pulled something now and neck twangs so we comparing notes ffs hahhah pmsl

he cooking just now mmmmm looking forward.

Work issues are just too much to explain had enough in other words and i trying to put on a front and be strong .

so we are going away to Warwickshire if any of you familiar to a friend who lives somewher, where there is not a shop for 3 miles!! yep so true we going fri-Tues but as i terminated a member of staff i am up the creak with out a paddle at moment and cant ..............

so i want to wish you all a very very happy easter and please dont hide my eggs too far because i cant find the ones sat in front on me pmsl hahaha love to you all and back soon !! i may try be on tomoro but such a very long day and am not up to it just now as you hear what again lol

sorry enjoy

to many many members on here i dare not say as i may forget someone and feel pretty guilty ohps :-) hapy holidays to you all wher ever you are what ever you doing and please try relax and not over do it . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cazzie , caroline

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Happy Easter to you too cazzie ...remember breathe , relax , eat chocolate



very good advice :-)


Wishing you all the best and hoping you have a wonderful Easter. :) wanderingwallflower xx


Cazzie, sorry you're feeling rough time. Do as VG say am rest,relax , breathe deeply, and eat masses of chocolate,,llll,always restores the soul. Enjoy what you can and enjoy the break from work

Muchly Foggy xx


Happy Easter. Sorry to hear all your stress and added to that you are coming to Warwickshire. Are you a glutton for punishment, lol. Only joking, I can say that I live here. Totally know what you mean about the shops. I work in the most rural area of Warwickshire but lack of shops in some areas means we have breath taking views. As a community worker, it's fab.

Hope you enjoy our small country. The weather report not too bad too, cold but sunny.

Enjoy and relax



Aw. I can sympathise as I have had time when all four of my kids have been experiencing problems at the same time. It is overwhelming at the best of times let alone when you have our favourite (not) syndrome. All I can say is that it all eventually comes right and you will be able to see the wood for the trees. We worry so much about them and only want the best. Sometimes though you just have to find some breathing space.

Happy easter and I hope you will be curled up somewhere warm and comfy with the loveliest choccie egg in the world xxxx


I wish you a Happy Easter relax eat choccy try and breath deeply that lovely air. Smile it will do you good. Happy Easter I will save you a choc just incase your family get them all before you! xgins


Happy easter to every one ,Got family coming for the weekend so its going to be manick for 3 days ,Then I have to go for a blood test Tuesday ,could do without it ,oh is on Holiday for a week so it should be a nice time, having daytrips weather permitting ,looking forward to that;-) .

xxxx Tina


hugs to everyone and best wishes for a pleasant Easter weekend. hope you all get something of what you wish for, whatever it may be xx

Fairy, sorry to hear you've been through the mill so much. Try and relax, and enjoy what you can. Hope things improve for you soon x


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