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Stiff neck and shoulders


Hello fellow fibromites.

Like me, you probably suffer from a stiff neck and shoulders on waking. I was thinking how to tackle this problem. It then occurred to me that we are hypersensitive and so the stiffness we suffer in the mornings is akin to what a 'normal' experiences after sleeping in a draft.

I therefore wrapped myself up like my mum used to when I was young and it was cold - basically, I pull the quilt so that it is above my ears at the back of my head, let the quilt go over my ears and then pull the remaining quilt, which is in front of my face, down towards my chest so that I can breathe. Providing that the quilt covers my neck all night long and keeps it warm, there is virtually no stiffness the next morning.

I know this sounds simple and you've probably all tried it but I thought I would post this just in case there was anyone who could find use for this tip.

I hope it works for you.

Take care everyone, S x

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Thank you so much for this useful tip. I had not actually thought of it, so I will give it a try. I am now trying to visualise how I can do it as have to sleep on my left side with my right leg raised? But I am sure that I can manage it somehow?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

fenbadger in reply to TheAuthor

We'll just put a sedative in your Davros moblie

TheAuthor in reply to fenbadger


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It`s easy ken, Lie how you normally do,pull the quilt up over your ears Roll back a bit grasp the guilt as far behind your neck as you can reach roll forwards

pulling it with you.,lose the quilt leaving it to tuck itself in behind your back :)

Then you can make a breathing hole. That bit is important. don`t forget that you have to breathe. :P

I have done this for years, I call it `making me nest

Hugs sue xx

TheAuthor in reply to Hidden

Thanks sue, I will give that a try x x

fenbadger in reply to Hidden

Cosy . . :)

morning Sandy with the stiffness I have this morning will try this tonight.

That's a good idea. During the day I use a heated shoulder pad but it's too clumsy for bed.

My neck/shoulder pain lasts all day I use the neck heat pad thing to ease it. But no matter what I do in bed it still comes back. Some days are better than others.xx

fenbadger in reply to teddybear7

Yeah. I only get relief while I'm "wearing" the heat pad. When it cools or I take it off the pain is back. I wonder if it's my boss - a real pain in the neck :P

taff9350 in reply to fenbadger

Hi , just a quick one , are you still working.

I wish I could go to work, even light task's are a no no .x

fenbadger in reply to taff9350

Yup. But maybe not for much longer. 2 part time jobs, good support from 1, not the other :( I seem to be following a well trod path to feeling useless, but I'm going down fighting.


Has anyone used soft pillows and woke up in so much pain? I know use a couple of memory foam pillows and they make all the difference x

TheAuthor in reply to Hidden

Oh yes! Soft pillows are a headache in the making! I now use a V-shape orthopedic pillow, it is much better.

Take care

Ken x

I have tried the pulling the duvet over my head and covering everything apart from my nose and mouth. Sadly it hasn't worked for me. With my current flare up, my neck and shoulder pain wakes me up. It eases a little in the day, but by halfway through the night, it is back again. I need to try the memory foam pillows I think.

Great idea I sleep with covers

over my head. Usually end up

getting too warm! xxxx

I pull the duvet up around my ears so there is no gap to let cold air in, but it does tend to dislodge a bit as I move around in the night. It sounds like a crazy idea but I think when I feel up to it I will try and make a very lightweight 'hoodie' which will cover my neck and shoulders, maybe out of an old summer duvet - it won't be pretty but who cares! My Mum who was always a very glamorous lady used to wind a light scarf around her neck at bedtime.

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I dont move at night , toooo painful so my neck stays wrapped up but having this conversation has got me thinking along the same lines as you.

Though I had not thought of a quilted whatever, I was thinking more along the lines of something in fleece .Maybe a scarf with a slit in one side where it crosses over at the front of the neck to thread the other end through so as to keep it in place without the bulk of a knot.

I hope that makes sense. hugs sue

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My little hoodie bed jacket is ideal, my daughter bought it from good old Marcus and Spartacus.

Oh no I would over heat as im always to hot at night, I have a new bed and new pillows but still no joy :(

I have been sleeping with a scarf around my neck for about a month , it felt a bit silly at first but who cares if it helps ! It seem s to have made a difference so I would try it if you have not already !

I had pyshio and she gave me some exercise that help when it it bad. I have pulled the quilt up and everything but that does not make any difference.


Hiya Sandy, Great advice, and I know for sure it works - well certainly on me,, although I use a slightly different tac - I have a bed jacket with a hood, I pop that on as I get into bed, then if my other half steal the covers ( as he is wont to do) my neck stays cosy and I don't wake up in quite so much pain - pity it doesn't do much for the other bits though....................Any thoughts lol.

I use magnesium lotion at night and during the day it helps amazingly well

Sounds nice and cosy, I too experience stiffness in most places in morning, I have sent off for a jell cushion to place under pillow this is supposed to ease the pain in neck and shoulders, will let you know, if this works. hugs x

I also sleep on my left with right leg propped up but I have a chenille throw blanket I use to cover up arms and neck on top of my heavy

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