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Bus Pass

Wow, i feel very old having to ask this question since im only 27 (no offence meant to anyone who uses a bus pass by the way!)

Has anyone managed to get a free bus pass due to fibro without being on any sort of DLA?

I have read on my local council website it is possible with a letter of gp stating why it would benefit myself but as my gp charges £10 plus for things like this jst wondered if anyone had been successful?

I spend so much money on weekly bus tickets at £11 per week and sometimes taxis on top of that.



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Yes I have a disabled bus pass which is useful as the hail and ride bus goes down my road. I looked at my local council bus pass website and saw that the easiest thing to qualify for was meds making me unfit to drive , which they do, my reaction times are much slower than they used to be and I can't turn my neck right . So I phoned the council and asked for the form made an appt with my GP and said could I in my state drive .. He said absolutely not so he wrote me a letter stating I was unfit to drive due to my medications and Ilness , yes it cost me £ 10 but the disabled bus pass lasts for five years ... I handed the form , photo and letter in at my local library ... They sent it off for me and a week later I had the bus pass... I haven't used it much at all this winter but I am hoping to get out when the weather improves.

Hope that helps

VG x


oh thats wonderful that you were successful with it, defo worth me giving it a try.

this is going to sound like a daft question but could you drive if your meds didnt make you funny? as in do u have a licence? i dont have a licence so just wondered if i could use something like this on the form myself as i wouldnt trust myself to drive anyway - i also have tourettes so i twitch uncontrolably so on top of the meds i defo couldnt drive safey if i had a licence!


There were lots of different options on the form I have a licence but it runs out next year and I don't think I will be able to get it renewed as my arthritis on top of my fibro means I can't turn my neck right and would need an automatic car cos of the arthritis in my knees and ankle I wouldn't trust myself to drive now ...even though I,m only in my 40s the other options on the form were asking for much more detailed information so I just went for the easiest truthful option the letter from my GP was enough they didnt want anything else didnt want to see my driving licence ..

Hope you get one

VG x


Thank you, it sounds very similar to me with my illnesses, even if i wanted to drive i very much dvla would give me a licence and i certainly wouldnt trust myself



Hi, hope you're having a good day today. And don't worry about applying for a bus pass and not being over 60!! I got mine at 45 (I'm 46 now) and I've used it quite a bit. Sometimes I've saved as much as £10.00 in one day on fares!! So it really makes a difference. I think I had a letter from my doctor, (not specially for the bus pass) and I had a few letters from the hospital and stuff. So give it a go, and I hope you're succesfull. xxx


i have a bus pass through mobility issues i have fibro and arthritis and bursitis in hip along with other things and i am 54 xx


Go for it I got bus pass without GP letter just had to go for a simple assessment nothing to worry about


to get to my GP by taxi it would cost me between £10 - £15 each way, the only bus available is one you have to ring up and book, so even using it to get to the GP would be a problem as you could never guarantee you'd get to your appt on time! :( they do take you door to door though…..Joys of living in the country!

I'm so acred of even attempting a bus as i am frightened i'd be jolted here there and everywhere! Although, saying all that I did apply for a bus pass, think i qualify under HR Mobility on DLA though, but sadly have been too scared to use it.

You should apply and see what they say. you don't get anything in this life if you don't ask xx (((hug)))


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