I was reading in the blogs about a lady that got her Disabled Parking Disc which i have and also her free bus pass, is there anyone else that was able to get the free bus pass? or is that an age thing? as im 56 so hopefully if i go to the council and apply for a bus pass stating ive fibromyalgia plus im registered diasbled and im on disability hopefully if i get the Dr to sign the form, the bus pass will help enormously for getting around when im not upto driving.Can we also get train discounts for disabled persons as well? as this would be brilliant.

I Just wondered if the trains did discounts too.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hi Vectra, yes I also have a bus pass. You apply at your local council for them. Also , whoever is travelling with you (as your minder/carer) does not have to pay. Neat eh?

  • Hi Mel do we get any help with Train discounts etc, as that would be helpful as well,

  • I have tried for this but it seems that there is not any concessions, that is with Southern Rail.

  • Hi Mel, Just replying to that info actually the only county that at the mo will take your carer for reduced rate/free is CUMBRIA no where else does it, also if your not on middle to high rate, its you only thats covered, thats what the lady said on the help-line phone.

  • Aha, I am on the higher rate mobility perhaps that is why it says a carer may travel with me free of charged,

  • YEP thats why alright im on the basic for now but im due a new knee as i had an operation that did'nt go to plan 10years agoand my knee has deteriorated so at some point i'll probs be on middle rate for a while cos they cannot guarantee that it will be successful and if not im in a wheel chair, there putting it off for as long as they can because of my age.

  • absolutely brill thanks for that Mel much appreciated.

  • i also have a bus pass. i took my dla leter stating i on high for mobility, and i had one...i went to the library and they did it and took the photo there, it came through the post about 2 wks later....xx

  • Yup, same here. Originally I knew when I first qualified for my badge that it was an either/or situation but once my Dad found out I was now entitled to both he brought me home an application form. I'm on my second disabled bus pass now having renewed last year.

    Easy Peasy!!

  • so are you saying if you have a blue badge you are entitled to a free bus pass. I am still waiting to hear from DLA since January this year whether i have passed the Tribunal after they lost my file. I do drive but some days with my medication i should not drive which leaves me stuck in doors.

  • i got one too, and it isnt age related either cos im 38 xx

  • Hi Nadine,

    are you getting DLA though? or just have a blue badge, when i called the council they told me I only get a free bus pass if i have high rate DLA which I am still waiting to hear about, they are taking months to decide

  • I really can't understand how or why people get the blue badge/bus pass, I have had FM for 13/14 years and only once has it gone into remission 10 years ago now for the last 10 years I have had to live with the constant pain, I am on very strong opiate pain killers along with a mixture of other potions and pills and every time I have a chest infection (13 this year alone) the FM flares up to almost unbearable and doc will give me steroids and antibiotics, after they're finished I have almighty sore skin, sore to touch and the bits underneath the skin are extremely sore too even to wash or have the cat rub against your leg, it's agony, anyone else get this? Back to the blue badge/bus pass, doc says exercise is good for FM so just keep walking slowly, agreed, but town is 7 miles away :(, how the heck do I get him to sign form with accurate details about my walking difficulties, (he sees me on a regular basis walking with sticks), somedays I can bearly make it to the car outside as my pain is so uncomfortable and it feels as if I'm going to snap lol. Advice anyone??? (((Gentle Hugs))) even typing this is painful.

  • Hi yes i put a blog on here a while ago i put in google free bus pass for disabled and it came up i downloaaded a form or called the number and they sent me one filled it in anfd took a copy of my blue badge details and 10 days later i goot one i actually used it for the first time yesterdsy

    so you go for it love to you diddle xxxx and by the way i am 46 xxx

  • Hi Diddle, love the name by the way

    are you getting high rate DLA though?

  • I originally got my Blue Badge from the local council via my GP. Not sure about other Local Authorities but here in Fife once you have a Blue Badge you're also eligible for a bus pass. I was on LRM but my mobility was getting worse (didn't want to re-apply for DLA in case I lost it before renewal).

    Fortunately my GP had noticed my mobility was getting worse and when I broached the subject with her she thought I already had one through DLA.

    I was looking into this last week as I now have a portable scooter and thought it might be handy for days out when I couldn't handle driving a long distance.

  • I didn't realise that if you had a Blue Badge then you got a free bus pass from the Local council too. I will get my age related bus pass in May 2013. I will be 61 1/2! But I was advised to try for Blue Badge for car as I find parking so difficult with the Fibro really entrenched in my neck & shoulders, wrists & hands. When I down loaded the forms I had to just state why I couldn't use a parking meter!!!!!? It's not the parking meter that really bothers me, but when you have to lean out of the car window and reach the ticket machine etc. Lost count of how many times I have had to open the door and try and slide out to reach. All the while conscious of the que of 'honking' cars behind. At least if I am eligible for the wider bays then it will make such a difference where I can park. I won't go anywhere that I don't know the parking situation.

    Had to send of passport size photo with application. They will take one look at it and think, "Poor dear, she must be on her last legs, so let's give it to her!" Mind you, not holding my breath as I see from other posts, it is very variable as to who gets what and when. Best wishes Sue.

  • I rang up their helpline and they told me off my post-code where my nearest place was to aquire one, which was my healthcentre i went today and took my current utility bill, driving licence, and blue badge with me, and the lady there took my piccy and photo copied my stuff and said i would recieve mine in 5 days time.BUT to swing it you have to have the blue badge if you've got that you'll get your BUS PASS im in lancashire.

  • Well, IF I get my Blue Badge will definately have a go at the bus pass. Otherwise only 11 1/2 months to wait!! X

  • Hi

    I live in Norfolk. I was awarded my Blue badge in January and a few weeks ago heard about the free bus pass. I downloaded the form from the council website, got the photo done and sent it all off with photocopy of blue badge. Two weeks later i have got the bus pass. I am 47

  • Hi Wenjay i think its important to get the message out to everyone who has a badge whether there just new into claiming there badge or an old hand like me that a free BUS PASS is worth alot it gives you more choice and freedom and adds to the number of choices disabled people should have. Ive also been enquiring about subsidised train fares or even free train fares for all disabled but apparently they only help in some counties and if your high rate DLA.

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