Things that make you go AAAAAAAAAGGHHH

1 People who wait at the bus stop for 5-10 minutes then get on the bus and spend more time looking for the bus pass.

2 Able bodied people who sit on the disabled seats at the front of the bus even though there is plenty room inside the bus.

3. Mothers on buses who would rather spend their time gabbing on their mobiles than look to their crying babies/children.

4 People on buses with pushchairs who categorically refuse to move for those in wheelchairs.

5 Rude people who shove into you even though your walking with a stick and those that deliberatley walk into your path.

6. There are many more but just thought I would have a vent !!

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  • I agree with all of them!

    Able bodied idiots parking in disabled bays is another! 🐸

  • Yep I hate that with avengance !! Rude idiots

  • I had one young lass screaming at me when I pointed out her error. In a very polite way, giving her an out. She just kept going through her closed car window. Must have hit a raw nerve lol. I had to laugh when she started on about paying for my car being bad enough that having to allow us parking places was pushing things too far!!! As I was in my hubbys S63 AMG Merc I really laughed at the thought of the public purse buying my car! 😳🐸

  • We don't have public transportation where I live but these things would be enough to make me angry!! Sorry you have to deal with ignorant people my friend.Have a good day. Peck.🐤

  • I have got used to it but it still annoys the h@@@ out of me !! Cheers lovey ! :>))

  • I agree with them all and to add another; when there is 3/4 people walking on same path as you coming towards and none step aside so I can stay on the path, ive given up counting the amount of times ive stepped into the road.

    and drivers stopping across pedestrian crossing as its beeping.

    customers not saying please when they ask where item is and then swearing under their breathe if its not in stock.

    and people who say "move" and not excuse me please

    best stop now lol x

  • Learned a good trick from my mother. If group of people coming towards me I just stop dead, then they have to walk round you! 😀

  • Yes I have started to do that.

    Another gripe - people riding bikes in pavements.x

  • It is not the bikes here but the cars parking on the pavement. I have written to the council and was told "Oh we will look into it". 1 month later nothing has happened !!!

  • Where I used to live I was told by the police as it was such a busy main road with many buses as long as they didn't seem the car was obstructing the pavement they were going to turn a blind eye. I had complained as people with double buggies and mobility scooters were having to go around the car and into the road. I said they were breaking the law but what can you do. Our little road doesn't have pavements but people who live in two villas that have a narrow access road tell their visitors and delivery drivers to park in our road and go through the gap in the wall and they also use the extra parking which is supposed to be extra parking for those in The Croft but unfortunately is unenforceable. Of course the three times we came to view there wasn't one car around.x

  • Good one panda,

    I hate it when people stop to chat in the middle of the supermarket aisle and we have to walk around them!!!

  • I wait until they're close and say "BOOO" its amazing how many of them jump out of their skins.

  • They were the ones I did not want to write down as my blood pressure would not be able to stand it !! aaaggh

  • Rant away better out than in as they say. I bet you feel better for it.x

  • Yep it is good to vent but I am scared of being labelled "Victor Meldrew"

  • Rather fond of old Victor as the mains were usually valid.x

  • Absolutely number 1 and 3! ! Not come accross the other's, but then " don't do" public transport unless a very, very big emergency necessity? lol!

  • Hi my friend, I agree with you completely! And with the other comments placed on by your respondents. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Cheers Ken "Now move down the bus as your annoying me" :>)))))

  • I am going I can't walk too fast with my walker! ''Ding! Ding!'' Sorry, I just lent on the bell? :)

    Funnily enough I caught a hospital shuttle bus today and it was the bus driver who was exceedingly rude to two elderly ladies. I pulled him up for it and he just looked straight through me!

  • Yes agree, ignorant and just blatantly rude.

  • And no 1 not just on buses. Supermarket queues where they wait until asked for the money before looking for wallet/purse.

  • And pay and display car park ticket machines!

  • people who cough and don't put their hand over their mouth! or continuously sniff when standing near me!! germ bags!!! arrgghhh lol x

  • Spitters

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