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Next step....Bus Pass

I have just discovered via my wonderful mother in law that I may qualify for a Nowcard disability bus pass. So I went to have a look on the site and for walking problems it requires proof of disability at high rate mobility. As mine was awarded indefinitely back in 2001 we had no idea what rate I was actually getting. Anyway, back then I had a fad for filing things up so I knew exactly where to find the papers I needed. And sure enough it is High rate mobility. So I am off to the local council office next week. Apparently they take your photo and there is no need to fill a form in, they do it all as long as you show them proof. So for free travel after 9.30am and flat rate of 50p per journey before that, I thought I may as well go for it. It would be so nice if people in authority told us these things would it not? xxxxx

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Hi, I have a disabled bus pass on the grounds my meds make it impossible for me to drive.. Gp wrote a note to comfirm this and got the pass within a week. Far to spaced out to be safe behind the wheel anymore.... Despite walking with sticks, having rails fitted by social services to get me out the house and using a mobility scooter the dla decided I didn't need mobility allowance. Just lowest rate care. At least with the free bus pass I can use the hail and ride that passes my house.


DLA is one of the things I am so worried about. Having lost ESA tribunal I cannot help but feel that is next to go, so I want to get a pass whilst I can. I know what you mean about meds. I am on a few for other illnesses that leave me feeling more out of it than usual. My daughter is on high care and low mobility so not sure if she can get a pass or not xxxxx


I'd you go to your local council website and look up disabled bus pass it should give all the options available to claim... I never thought that my being unable to drive due to meds would qualify me when the dla class two sticks a mobility scooter and a sold car as being perfectly mobile.

Good luck

VG xx


I went to the council today, they said i will qualify, but the guy that does it all is not in this office until Friday. Good job I have an appointment near by the same day. And as far as benefits go I think one hand does not know what the other hand is doing xxxxx


I get higher rate mobility - didn't think I was eligible so that is good news. Only problem is it is 500m uphill to get to the bus stop and I just can't manage that!

Julie xx


It would be worth getting hun though, you never know when you may need it. My nearest bus stop is also uphill, but stopping and starting and huffing and puffing I will get there lol xxxxxx


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