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Dr No Help!!!

As some of you may know I took a fall in the Jakuzi on sunday and hit the side of the hard tub and went to Dr on Monday...he thought I may have broken my ribs but more painful to do an xray and same outcome anyway....nothing!! He checked my spleen as I fell on left side,and said think its OK..

Then yesterday out of the blue I felt dizzy and was really sick ( I was on my own ) few minas later OH came home ...We called the Dr as I had all the signs of a damaged Spleen.

Surgery said do you realize its 5:30 and only the duty Dr is here now! (guess I should have booked it ).....half hr later the Dr called and said "do you know the surgery is about to close and I am only one here " Er yes I have been told that!! He then asked my symptoms and said "Oh yes you have a bug,there are lots around.....I explained I do not go out....only to be interrupted by him saying " well they are airbound and I have seen loads of people today with bug!! "

" I will put up a script for you for antisickness drug and stronger pain killer a 2 at this point I interrupted him and said "No thankyou ,I am being sick for a reason" He said "Yes BUG with that I said Oh look don't bother goodbye and hung up....I was so scared......15 mins later he called back and said "I don't think you understood me ,tell me what I told you so I know you understand! " I said no your OK I did understand just don't agree....thankyou good bye...

After a while he called again and said " I have taken it on myself to call out of hours Dr and told them I am worried because you are very poorly that OK by you? they will come out to see you in the next hour or so,a triage nurse will call first. Thankyou goodbye "

The Saga goes on a nurse called and asked me lots of questions and got OH to put the phone on speaker and then told him where to press asked if I was swollen in that area,was I cut etc etc She then decided from his reaction and mine that it was my medication that had made me sick....and told him to get 400mg of Ibuprofen and take one with 2 parasetamols and go to bed and sleep. It should be better once you have the pain under control...Pain can make you feel sick too you know "yes but it wont make you projectile vomit will it " I said in a very weak voice..................She then told my OH to try that and if I got worse by all means ring back.......................

I called my friend who is a nurse because I didn't think I could take Ibuprofin,and I was right because I had had a bleed only 3 weeks ago and my platelets being just under 70 it would be very dangerous.

Today I am no worse but no better cant stomach eating anything but got no faith now in Dr's or OOH either x

Sorry I went on but I have actually cut this all down the Saga went on from 5:30 to 8:45++

Very gentle hugs today I feel more pastel shade than Rainbow :-(

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Hello Rainbow, I was saddened to hear all your problems with Your Gp! I personally would have just phoned 999 that is what I do if I have any serious problems going through the Gp what do they know. Or you should have gone to A+E out of hours if you have one where you live. As it sounds as though you may have done more damage!! Hugs Aisha x


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