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More surgery...pah!

More surgery...pah!

Last year, I had a few months of worry while the medics investigated my "bits" which were misbehaving, and I eventually needed surgery in October. Another anxious wait, then I finally got the all-clear. Job done. Move on...

This year, a new challenge. Oh joy.... :-/

A routine mammogram, at the beginning of Feb, threw up an anomaly that needed more investigations. I had no symptoms, so was caught unawares and got quite a shock. Scans and biopsies followed, resulting in a diagnosis needing surgery. They say they've caught it early.

The good news is that it's contained within the milk duct and the lumpectomy should sort it out. 5 out of 6 patients need no further intervention, so I'm hoping I'm one of the 5! If it proves not to be the case, then I'll be facing either further surgery or radiotherapy. Eek!

My GP has been very supportive and I've got phone numbers to ring if I have any questions or concerns. My partner, as ever, has been wonderful, but I hate to see the distress on his face when the subject comes up. I also hate putting him through this.

So ladies, I urge you not to put off attending your mammograms and if in doubt about anything with regard to your boobs, please have it looked at.

Meanwhile, please keep your fingers crossed for me :-) thank you x

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Hi Sami, let me reassure you straight away, 7 years ago I had exactly what you are talking about a DCIS. As you say 5 out of 6 are fine, so take heart in that and especially if they've caught it early. Mine was only diagnosed on a routine family history clinic (my mother and her mother both had early breast cancer), I never checked and when the consultant palpated my left breast she found the offending thing, fine needle biopsy, mammogram and ultrasound with another biopsy eeuugh then a week later the op. All was fine, the first thing I asked when I came round was have they removed the lymph nodes and the answer was no, so having understood what the consultant had said, I felt relief.

Hold on to the positive please Sami, as it is in the milk duct, I hope it turns out to be exactly like mine, not a major problem, but I am sending you gentle caring hugs, it is a very frightening time for you and for your partner. Do you have a date for the lumpectomy yet? Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I really feel for you at this time.

Best wishes, Foggy x


Best wishes and fingers crossed that everything goes well and you are one of the 5 out of 6

VG x


Crossing everything for you, Sammicat, and the very best of good luck. You are very brave and cheerful, and I'm sure that will help you to get through!

Moffy x


Thank you all x

FF you've hit the nail on the head exactly. My materal aunt had a mastectomy and as I have so much tissue from having very large boobs, it has always been a worry. I'm trying to stay positive and repeating a mantra in my head. Am also keeping busy to distract errant thoughts which have naturally brought a couple of wobbles.

Thank you for your offer of help. It means a lot to me. Am hoping this 3rd scare will be my last! Enough already lol.

Sammi :-)


the very best of wishes xxx


Oh dear Wendy, you must have such a hard time, could you enlighten me as to breast duct ectasia , ever willing to learn from an expert. Foggy x


thanks Wendy x I totally understand your problem and thankfully the new scanners can accommodate girls of our size these days - I was pleasantly surprised :-)


shame on them - boo hissssssss!!


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