In more pain after surgery

I had cervical neck surgery they replaced 2 disc the surgery was 2 weeks ago and I have more pain now than before before surgery why and has anyone smoked after cervical neck surgery or vaped the doctor refuse to give any more pain meds because they think I am an addict because they put take every 4 hours on meds bottle and said that it was a mistake that it should have said take every 6 hours so I guess that's my fault I'm living in the usa

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  • I think when you have surgery it takes about six weeks at least for pain to subside. That's why we are called patients. We have to be Patient. xxx hope this helps

  • I think it will take a while for it all to settle down, can you manage with over the counter meds in the meantime?

  • Hi Rstewart

    I really am so truyl sorry to read that your pain is still ongoing, and as the others have said it may take a few weeks to settle my friend. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Who made your Dr God ? I think it's terrible that you are not receiving any painkillers, even if you are addicted surely they can't take you off them, and leave you to cope on your own. What about withdrawals ???? I think maybe your Drs on the other side of the pond are getting frightened because so many stars are taking pain killers that much and dying, your Dr is thinking well better nipping it in the bud just in case, but really you should be weaned of painkillers as with many other drugs out their. I think your Dr has acted inappropriately.

    Get well soon 🍇

  • Thanks you friend God bless

  • It takes a while for surgery to heal, 2 weeks is a very short time. However you should be able to get the pain relief you require in your healing period! I cannot see why smoking orvaping is any reason to withhold the meds you need! Nor by putting the wrong information on bottles, as long as u can prove it there shouldn't be a problem. Hope you get some relief very soon x

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