It is a common problem of Fibro sufferers we lie awake all night and our minds are full of thoughts ,things to do, things not done , how to stay awake through the day? Is there an answer - I wonder - certainly I am searching for away of finding energy to do things any things- many things, just to go out and play without my continual battle with my eyelids.

I ponder this and blame the medication as many of us do, So I am seeking the GPs advice though I know he will smile at me consider the combo - cluck - will I be lucky and leave with something that will put the SPRING back into GIN I hope so. I will return and let you know what happened :) xgin

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  • GOOD LUCK Gins xx

  • Good luck my friend xx

  • Rang on the dot of 8.oo no appointments so I booked a phone call with him.

    So I am off to a good start! :D

  • Excellent :D

    I need to ring to ask about my counsellor today, must remember!! :)

  • Hope you soon find a solution hugs and more hugs sue xx

  • I fear this a hard nut to crack. I am sure you have looked at all the sleep hygiene info out there. There is one site that offers a free sleep diary app. I have done a pain diary but never a sleep one. It's a double edge sword to take medication for it, as in my experience the mornings then become an extra nightmare as I am hung over.

    I know I bang on about strong coffee but it really does help for up to an hour with energy levels. Do you think gp's prescribe [Edited by Admin][As per HealthUnlocked Terms of Use]

    It's so depressing not having the energy to engage with the spice of life. I have to sail forth this morning and as much as the tiredness I find the mental hurdle of taking the first step often stops me before I start. The mental and physical effect of lack of sleep is huge and often not acknowledged. May you be heard and come home with springy steps. If disappointed stop off and buy an outrageous hat, I am thinking an Ascot job to wear even when watching telly. It may stop you falling asleep if you picture a nodded of you with mouth open slumped in a posh hat. I have often thought hat making akin to floristry it's such an art form.

    Good hunting.


  • Morning gins,have you thought of trying the Q10 homeopathic, it give you energy also the ginseng does too, it was my doctor that recommended it to me, she takes it and it gives her energy, go to,Healthspan on line and read up about it, you could aways see what your own GP say about it or your pharmacist, I dont think the ginseng is ok with your meds, happy hunting, gentle hugs..Dee xx

  • thanks Dee bless you always so kind xxgins

  • Unfortunately I don't find Q10 makes a lot of difference

  • Hi, What is Q10 homeopathic please???

  • Morning gins,I do wish you well with your hunt for something that helps.Funny enough Iam finding that exercise gives me more energy now and healthy eating.Iam also taking a fat burning herbal supplement that gives you energy.Its got green tea and guarana in it as well as some other stuff and it gives me lots of energy.Have you tried dosulepin to help you sleep as I have never looked back since taking this.Good luck xxx

  • Dear Haribo unfortunately exercise is rather a sore point my back is collapsing in sections so I am unable to even walk around my kitchen with out extreme pain in my back so I cannot do any like so many of us who are holders of other diseases. Greentea with guarana sounds excellent :) xgins

  • Exercise a no-no for me too :(

    Guarana good tho!

  • I used to get the guarana gum and drinks, years and years ago now, but yes I found it effective for when bursts of energy were required :) xx

  • It helps me to exercise.Iam fortunate in that I don't have any other illnesses alongside the fibro.But it has been hard work doing it,I've gradually built it up over the weeks x

  • Morning gins, I am completely with you on this, though I don't actually fall asleep very often during the day, I certainly feel exhausted, though when I was working I had to go to bed every afternoon without fail. As you say, I think it's a vicious circle and I just wish I could break the anti sleep bug I seem to have. I've been on sleep meds, but I think they stopped being effective. If

    I have had a really bad spell of insomnia my lovely doctor says to take an increased dose of amitriptyline which sometimes help, but not always. I think sleep deprivation has been logged as a form of torture and I completely understand why.

    I really hope your GPS can help you out. I had thought spring might be on it's way but I very nearly flooded yesterday afternoon, with completely torrential rain. It was lovely when I got up this morning and now it's pouring down again.

    Sending loads of positive healing and hopefully sleep (at night :d ) vibes your way :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • ll here I go again we he doctor and myself are going to eliminate Tegretol I just have to come down slowly over a couple of weeks an then see how I am.

    Hopefully more awake in the day time and more asleep at night. Fingers crossed everyone.

    I ae ben on it since 2010 so I hope it is the red herring or the ace in the pack.

    thank for every ones kind thoughts.


  • Success gins :) I've not heard of that one :o

    Here's hoping it's the red herring :)

  • Hi gins

    I sincerely hope that this works for you. I understand your problem only too well. I don't even try to go to sleep at night. I carry on working until I have had enough and drop off! So half the time I do not get up early and feel very tired for at least the first 3 to 4 hours of every day.

    It is a really job that I am self-employed and just work to deadlines that I can always easily obtain.

    Take care my friend

    Ken x

  • hoping you find a solution gins xx

  • I shall follow this with hope...!! Having not slept well for years I wish I knew the answer!! Good luck. xx

  • I'm not on that much medication and still need to sleep late afternoon/early evening every day. Then to make up for time lost I go to bed about midnight and by the time I've got ready and read it's after 1.30 am and often don't get to sleep until 2 or 3 am. Then catch up on sleep at other end so don't get up until 11 am or later! It's like having two short days instead of one. K x

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