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Things just get better and better!!! NOT! :(

b4 you read this be aware im feeling very sorry for myself ! and yes i know theres people a whole lot worst off than me but i dont feel it right now to be honest! yesterday i got a letter from my letting agents baring in mind ive been here for a year now .......the letter said somebody in my apts has reported me to the owner that i have a dog ( teacup chiaua) ! so they have said i have to be out when my lease runs out as he wont let me stay! now when i moved in they knew i had a cat there are about 4 other people that own dogs one lady had a bloody great big lab and a jack russell in one apt! the thing is i wasnt going to stya here forever anyway im trying desperately to get a mortgage even thats a struggle as i got turned down and found ( within this month) on my experian report one fraud on a cataolgue that i had to go to the police about! and then found that my very own daughter who begged could she buy a suite and she would pay it off religiously in my name hadnt! so that cost me another 500 that still stays on my report for the next 6 years! omg! so now the money i had saved for a good deposit is now going to be eaten up on rent:( i feel like going to sleep and not waking up! my partner also got made redundant its all too much! and im not letting my dog or my cat go cause they are my life and are my company :( i havent slept last night worrying i just dont know what to do things just keep getting harder :( sorry for the moan xx

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awww huni you have a goo rant, this cant be right does it say in your contract no dogs or pets can you not get some advice from the CBA or local community law centre it is run by your local council , they must be some one out there who can give you some good advice , i hope you get i sorted soon , i know my own little pooch is my life soo i can totally understand how you are feeling but try and stay calm and take it one day at a time xx (((((((((gently hugs))))))))

teresa xxxxx


it does and doesnt when i asked b4 i moved in the estate agent said it sto the owners discretion ! its just a big quandry for me as i didnt want to move utill i had my own place no more renting to me its money down the drain! but thankyou xxx


Why are people so vindictive. So sorry for your plight. I hope you can get something sorted, it just doesn't seem right.If your dog is not causing a nuisance then they don't have the right to make you leave. Hope things get better for you x


I no how you feel... I have a little dog.. and i just got a housing ass flat...I ask about my dog and thay said he could vist in the day but not stop.... it don,t make sence,,, and if you dog no trouble like mine and you keep a clean home you would think it would be a ok..You need to speak to the owner not the letting agent as it normaly the angent that put that on the contact as its stander,,,,as when I was private letting I went to the owner and he let me keep my dog so don,t give up...... good luck and soft hugs debbie xxx


hello fariytails I do feel sorry for you and you rant all you want my dog is part of my life and she is so loving and understands how i am feeling on days( I hope you dont think I am mad think you will understand being a dog owner ) I hope things work out for you take care love beth xx


I agree - get in touch with the owner - offer to increase the size of the bond/deposit if they are worried about doggy damage, you'll get the money back when you leave and with interest rates are so poor at the moment you are only losing coppers.

Providing the letting agreement doesn't actually say no pets you should be okay, and even if it does there is no harm in asking! good luck

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


hiya im so so sorry about all this and dunno why people feel they have to stick there nosey becks into other peoples long as you arent hurting anyone,or causing damage,or being nosey or vandalizing the place then why why.

why can people just get on with there own lives and leave you to yours...

i would defoe go and see c.a.b and get them to maybe ring the lettings people up.we had to sing a contract when we moved here about cat stating that if any damage is done becoz of the cat then we have to lose part or all of our bond.

we are having to move again in jan coz the tenants are snobby and we dont work so they make it hard for us to live here.but our cat is coming with us.

we dont have much in our lives coz of this damn illness so stand by your guns and dont let them bully you or give up your animals and your dog is tiny..x


thankyou so much everyone for all your support made me feel better i was crying so much this morning ,just couldnt understand it pathetic but now i feel they can stick there apt where the sun dont shine! lol! i have made enquirys to new places so il keep u informed xx


Its quite possible that the owner isn't aware that your dog is probably smaller than the average cat. I agree it would be worth getting in touch with your current landlord, you have nothing to lose by trying to sort the situation out after all its cheaper for them to keep you in place and save you the moving costs too. If it doesn't work I hope you find somewhere nicer xxx


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