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Life is a struggle at the moment but I won't be beaten

Well I am surviving just. As you may know had a lot of hastle from the HMRC and had to provide paperwork going back ten years. Joy of joy I got the paperwork to them within a week. Three and half weeks later I call them shaking like a leaf as I am near breaking point quite literally and low and behold first they say they not got the paperwork, seconed after I pointo out I have the receipt for the delivery of said paperwork they find it in an in try. Wonder of wonders now it seems that is is so important that they havn't even looked at it yet. Mean while they have pushed me to a near breakdown and I am on anti depressents. I think maybe I am no the only loony in the bin here as they seem to have lost the plot more than I do.

here is hoping all you are having a better time of things. pain is cronic, brain is fried and I just want to lay donw and sleep forever.

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Hi Devon lady

Very sorry things are pushing you to break down, try your hardest not to let them beat you though( easier said than done)

I been through enough in my 43 yrs of life for things to try and test me but i seem to get back up as hard as it is.

You will some how get back up and i know what you mean with paperwork!

I always take copies, i take names when on phone i even write the time down as verbal and written 2 different things. Like you mentioned you had receipt( how many would think of that ) not many lol and still it was not immediately known where it was, which just shows how badly things are .

Cxxxhuggles xxx


Don't let them win DevonLady! What a lot of incompetent nincompoops they sound. It is so unfair that they pick on those of us who are least able to fight back. Stay strong and try not to give in. Jane x


Hi DevonLady

They are beaurocratic idiots, there is no personal attack against you - your name just came up on some random computer program; you can see how urgently they are treating it. Try to chill out about this ... you are inocent and you have proved that to them.

Julie xx


Devonlady I really feel for you hun. As hard as it is dont let them grind you down. Hard work I know but you know you got our love and support.

Hang on in there.

Sending you love and a hug. x


I am speechless. how do they keep doing this sort of thing and keep getting away with it? Its got to be deliberate coz if anyone but a government office got it so wrong ALL THE TIME, theyd be shut down.They know they got us over a barrell, so they keep doing it. And they wonder why we get so angry with them?? I really feel your frustration Devonlady. I have been dealing with my ESA claim and theyve dragged it out over 7 weeks, coz they dont give me info I need to deal with until I phone them (AGAIN) to ask why I STILL havent been paid. So far, its cost me £18,which could have gone to better use. Theyd better not get the backdated payments wrong or I'll explode. Good luck, hope youre sorted soon.xx


Excuse my language (and bad latin) but 'nil carborundum illegitimi' xxx


Hang in there and do not let them win xxxxx


Ditto Ozzygirl, they try this one so often, i've even faxed stuff through and they can't find it grrr xx


I can't even talk to them on the phone now without being in tears they have stressed me so much and because of this I am now on anti depressents. How in hell do they think we can cope with this persicution x


My goodness Devonlady, I am so sorry you're having to go through all this. As the comments say above, the system is all wrong, they don't seem bothered at all, they have no sympathy for our plight nor do they realise how exhausting and upsetting the process is for us. Even to chase things up takes every last bit of energy and emotion doesn't it. I do feel for you, as we all do here.

The problem is that it feels like personal persecution and we take it personally of course, but "they" treat us all like this. We hear daily of cases like yours which is no consolation to you at all. but don't stop fighting, keep at it. The danger is if we stop fighting we won't be heard at all. We basically fight for ourselves, each other and for Fibro Awareness too!

Give yourself this weekend to get to grips with all this and then on Monday chase it all up if you can manage it. Hopefully by keeping on at them, they will get sick of your name and pull their fingers out. That's my philosophy anyway. That's what I do, keep on and on until something happens.

Sending you a big gentle hug, we are with you all the way and we do care about you. Please keep us updated and let us know how you get on. Take care. ((( gentle hug ))) x


Bless you it really is the place to be for support on here and yes I do agree we have to keep speaking out about the injustice of it all. I will continue to make progress back to where I was before all this happened but as we all know it takes so much effort to regain health.

I have joined a crafting group more for the company than the crafting but it does lift my spirits to go out and be among people even if I have to force myself to do it.

I feel greatly fro amyone who is going throught what I just went through and one tipp I can give you is that they seem to buck their idear up a bit when you mention you have taken advise from a solicitor. After not looking at the paperwork for weeks after I told them I had seen a solicitor they looked at it that week and made their decission. They are messing with peoples lives and need to realise that.

Thanks for the hugs all hugs greatly received xx


Bless you too! You are doing the right thing Devonlady, we are behind you all the way! Also the crafting idea is a great idea, anything social is a great idea as it's easy to get really down about things isn't it! I started to crochet last night, my goodness it certainly made me use my brain working out how to do my first stitch, quite a victory lol! I will try to fathom out as bit more tonight! :)

Mentioning seeking legal advice usually puts a rocket up these bully boy organisations that we al have to fight, well done! ;)

Keep at it! Here's another genuinely warm hug for you, take care my dear xx ((( hug )))


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