Finding it hard to cope

Hi to all .I am really struggling with my fibromylagia I could scream with the muscle pain I plod along every day now I am getting very depressed with not been able to do my every day chores I have suffered it for 31 year's now last 3, year's have been the worse no Dr in the village can help all the MED's they have offered do not help or have two many side affects I am having to much foggy brain day's any suggestion on what to do would be gratefully appreciated I do meditation on a Sunday it does help but the pain is getting worse I am on Co-Dydarmol and diazepam 2mg one three times a day 2 pain medsevery 4,hour's I have not been on here for a long time I sometimes want to give up but I won't .Brightest Blessing's to all fellow suffers

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  • Hay Magi54

    First welcome to the best site for Fibro Monster, every one here understands your pain and problems, no one judges you, the main reason I stay on this site, apart from the many friends I have made here, and share problems and successes with..

    A little more info on your meds and what for would be useful. Many of us have suffered for years, run the gauntlet of different meds, different supposed 'cures' for this or that.

    Unfortunately, Fibro is here to stay, like a tattoo on the arm, once confirmed there us no escape. But there are different versions, severe or minor pain areas, lots if different meds that can help, not help, or have the wrong effect. Most GPs are in the same black cloud as we are with meds for Fibro, sorry to say but that's the situation. What works for me, or Fibropop or woopchusion, may not work for you, so it's a bit of trial&error.

    Main thing, you have support, understanding, sympathy, care and love, yes, we get to know each other so well on line, you can share the joy love brings to people.

    Hence, love Hayesider xxx

  • Thank you and god bless you I have been a member for a few year's best site real geninue caring people I never complain its getting hard I will mention this to my new Dr Take Care thank you for your quick response xo💜

  • Welcome. I'm so sorry you have to deal with fibromyalgia. I don't know if there is anything more to say, Hayesider said it all. :)

    I am currently not on any meds so I can't be much help in that department. I find relief with stretching, meditation, strength building exercises, range of motion exercises, foam rolling, increasing my veggie intake. Ummmmm. That's all I can see through the fog at the moment . :) several years back I tried a super strength fish oil, can't remember what it's called, but I could tell the difference when I did and didn't take it. Even my husband could tell. If I figure out what it was called I'll post it.

  • I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. Fibro is a nightmare sometimes. I'm glad you're doing meditation that's great. I'm out the habit now but I used to find it helps.

    Also useful things for pain for me are magnesium citrate supplement, and getting my reiki 1 attunement and practising reiki on myself everyday. I also have a shelf full of relaxation music CDs which I listen to in bed a lot , as I find it easier to relax with gentle music on, which helps the pain.

    Does your doctor know you're depressed?

    Really hope you find some relief soon. Gentle hugs. Xx

  • Magi54,, I'm sorry your going thru so much pain and depression at this time but glad you decided to come back to the forum.Not that pain meds are always the answer but it sounds to me you could use a stronger med than your taking, have you talked with your gp about this ?? Maybe something for depression as well. I wish you the best.Peck 🐤

  • Hi Magi54

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling my friend, and I sincerely hope that your pain eases for you soon. I would try pacing yourself in what you are doing, and take regular rests.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Bless your heart I feel your pain it's emotionally and physically draining everyday they've changed all my meds and then upped the doses so I'm either in constant pain or exhausted or just want to sleep and sleep hugs to you x

  • Hello Magi54

    May i just join in with my friends.....who have basically said all i would say

    This is an amazing ...wonderful forum where we support each other. ....we can also let off steam and always know that everyone on here TOTALLY understands what we are going through..... including the admin staff... who are also very friendly and supportive.

    Re: pain meds... be VERY insistant with your doc... till you get an appropriate response.....are u attending a Pain Clinc?..... If not get you doc to refer you to one as they have different treatments that GPs can not offer......... please do this soon as the pain clincs have long waiting lists......

    Also please speak to your doc about your depression.... and if u have and are already on meds for this ....... maybe they need adjusting.

    A final sugestion from me....TURMERIC TABLETS from healthfood shops help me with inflamation and have many other uses..... look them up on the web.... they are a little costly approx £13 -£15 for 45 days supply..... but i get them from Holland &Barrett when they have offers on......

    At the minute they have the penny sale on..... buy 1 item at full price get another for 1p.....

    So i stock up at times when they have such offers on.

    Sorry if i have waffled on......just my thoughts coming out

    Sending you much love and extra Big cyber hugs

    Lolly x

  • Hi i

  • Not a lot left to say Maggie, but I do hope you can get this sorted out soon. I am in quite a lot of pain myself at the moment so know exactly what you mean. look after yourself and I do hope and pray that your problems will be solved soon.

    Love xxxxx

  • Sorry to hear how y are feeling my pain is mainly I m th feet an legs.good luck.

  • I can totally relate to what you're going through. Been over 35 years dealing with Fibro and other "fun" conditions! Just want to let you and all others on here that my thoughts and prayers go out to you All! 💕

  • Hi hope everyone is as well as can be expected. I don’t know how to post on here still learning. Well we received good news on the 13th August this year obviously a house across the street from us became available low down Home with a front door and garden two steps coming up to the house and two steps inside our house it’s a split level dining room living room. Thanks to my daughter Jenny and her partner Brian two of there male friends happy to say that we’re loving our new house. Due to my husband health with copd on going tests to get to the bottom of everything and my own arthritis fibromyalgia getting worse our mental health and physical health is improving every day so happy in our new house 3. Weeks today. Love light. Blessings to all of my fibromyalgia friends and family all in our prayers and thoughts daily. Take care of your self and families life is good. Feeling truly blessed xoxo

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