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The guy charged is a J.P he teaches Salsa dancing and other things. He says he is entitled to the money as he suffers Fibromyalgia which gives pain all over the body and says you cannot just sit there you have to get on with your life. FOOL!!!!

rant over


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Which is why we with fibromyalgia are treated so badly when it come to benefits... People see Morgan Freeman and this man here, which he may well have fibro under control as I did many years ago.. But then I didn't claim benefits then.... And they can't understand how fibro affects the majority of us..


i knoqw exactly what you mean but we will all get judged as though we are like this guy.

Really makes me mad as i worked over 37 yearsn full time and my arthritis and fibro has left me in a really bad way and it all happened between feb 2012 and september 2012 which is when i had to give up work after being off sick for many months i am still getting new symptoms and as i say this mad has just made me really mad !!! phew


Put your angry trousers on!

It's really too bad that people who have mild fibromyalgia should go on and a on about how they manage to do everything, whilst those of us who have it badly and really can't do things are made out to be malingerers!

I have never claimed benefits up until now, as i have always been able to manage, but as my condition gets worse, I fear that I may need to - I'm not looking forward to it! :(

Moffy x


moffy this guy has falsely claimed in excess of twenty thousand pounds and my real grumpy trousers are well and truely on !!

i felt absolutely terrible when i had to finish work and then go through the minefield of BENEFITS - its another world

Belinda x


Hands over the angry jumper too....

VG x


And for me too please


Me three please. Foggy x


Well I have my ANGRY hat on....... I had a car accident when working and recevied a back injury I lost my job after 27 yrs..... I tryed to apply for support and benefits and got nothing not a single penny.... Why you ask ??? Well because we saved for my future....My late wife had a life insurance policy and on her premature death the policy payed her husband £22,000

With our life saveings of a further £7,000... The DWP stated that I was to live on my saveings until it was spent..........

Why do some people just get away with pretending to be ill and the genuine one just get S**t on and told your not entiteld to benefits.....

I only wish and dream of being able to salsa dance and get benefits to support my family....

JUST NOT FAIR when you work and save for your future that benefits are means tested to the point of getting nothing and this fraudster gets £00,000s


I have realised with a huge degree of sadness that thevword justice and fairness has been struck off the english dictionary I have a n ex friend who allegedly had fibro and kidney disease and goodnessm knows what else she was taking six months holidays to africa oainting houses doing diy dancing etc

I was told I was ill due to fibro anda few othernthings none of which seemed to me to be as bad as what I knew she hadvwrong,

I coukd not get dressed go for walks sit stand you will all know exactly whatbi mean I watched L doing so much and felt a real wimp and a fraud in fact it was thenpeople here on thevsitevthat taught me its okay to be ill and to say no well pushed myself past the limits of my endurance so that i woukld not look weak

Only to find in the end that she was notill at all and had studied on the net toget her benefits paid

The moral of my boring tale is do not pace your self against others and learn to recognise the fact that some ss assessors have been fooled by fraudulent people stay calm and state your case clearly most of all dont feel guilty if you find some one lying turn the sods in for the good of all of us


Angry jumper 4 me too xx


well that got us all going didnt it i think we all put our angry pants on but it is so wrong - we are genuinely ill asn df have to fight like hell to get help !!!



Angry undies and socks and shoes coat hat gloves and scarf jusrt to top it off. Sithy in a pithy


I am also angry at this man. I fight daily to have any kind of quality to my life. One because I can't work, and on benefits I struggle financially Hugely. (How does he pay for his leisure pursuits?) I don't drink or smoke, or go to Bingo, and still I have no money. Oh wait ! eat, and I heat my home. Knew I was going wrong somewhere. Two I never know how much pain I am going to be in, or what is going to increase it. Planning is a rude word. I have at least three overlapping conditions linked to Fibro, and no way could I take a salsa class, never mind lead it, without being bedridden for weeks. ( I am also someone who only takes to my bed when really really ill) Are we allowed to Hang him and flog him????. Perhaps then he will feel something like what fibro feels like on a bad day. I have put on all my angry clothes, and can now put off my heating. Perhaps I can now pay for some skiing.



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