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Paddy Joke I cannot stop laughing so must share!! do not read if not your cup of tea

paddys lying up in be watching babe station.

he phones the number at the bottom of the screen and the Babe says 'Hellow Sexy and what can i do for you ?'

Paddy replies ' do you see that sofa you're lying on '

'Yes' she replies.

Paddy says ' You would'nt jump over the back of it and hide'

sure sexy'. But why?'

Paddy replies ' well it's just the wife's coming up the stairs and i can't find the f*cking remote.

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Brilliant! :D xx


You just gave my landlord and myself a really good belly laugh.Thanks hun xxx

Hugs Butterfly54xxxx



Wish my friend had not left for the day (her husband is Irish) We share so many paddy jokes. Will try to remember this for tomorrow. Loved it :D

How are you today? Fi xx


Chuckle chuckle x gins:)


Chuckles . Sithy


Haha! Love it, brilliant! :P


Hi everyone,

Thanks i was so giggly when i read this and was

Prper suffering but made it worthwhile haha.

I get so many!!!!

Some not so sure to share haha xxx

Even my customers ask me to txt jokes as get bombed with lots lol

Xxxx glad you liked


We're always happy to hear jokes! Please bear in mind some members may be easily offended so asterisk out any really words that may be deemed as offensive. Other than that it's great to have a giggle and a chuckle, it's great medicine!


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