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Friday joke

Apologies if you are blonde : - ))

A blonde lady goes into the hair dressers listening to her ipod with big earphones on and asks for a hair cut. The hairdresser says no problem but i will have to take of your earphones.

Blonde lady says: Oh no she says you can not take them off

Hairdresser says: Ok we will try and work around them

After a few minutes trimming the hairdresser says look we will have to take them off!

Blonde lady says: if you take them off i will die.......

Hairdresser exclaims: you will die?

Blonde lady says: yes i will die

Hairdresser extremely bemused and annoyed trys to continue a little longer until she has had enough and pulls the earphones off the blonde ladys head and within a minute or so she collapses in a heap on the floor........

The hairdresser panics and picks up the earphones and has a listen before quickly replacing them and she hears..............Breathe in..............Breathe out.........

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LOL...! Saskia XX


Thanks for that Wendyjoy. Started the day with a belly laugh x


lol thats brilliant...........Says scratching head..........must be dandruff : - ))


DOH! Good job I'm a brunette! :D

Moffy x


A wheelchair bound man decided to go to Lourdes after a friend who relied on crutches was able to walk unaided after a visit to the holy shrine.

Anyway when the man returned from Lourdes, he was still wheelchair bound and thought that was a complete waste of hard earned ESA, then he noticed a miracle had happened, there were 2 new tyres on his wheelchair.

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I have just gone blonde ... Get me those headphones quick.....


My son went through a phase of blonde jokes & while visiting my sister he relished sharing these jokes with his cousins. My sister & I were in the in the kitchen in fits of laughter, not just at the jokes but at the look on her eldest face... who is very blonde & was not amused!!


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