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Blonde Bloke Jokes !!! [sorry guys]

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A blonde man sees a letter lying on his doormat.

It says " DO NOT BEND ".

He spends the next 2 hours trying to figure out how to pick it up .


A blonde man is in the bathroom and his wife shouts : " Did you find the shampoo ?"

He answers "Yes , but I'm not sure what to do …. it's for dry hair , and I've just wet mine .


An Italian tourist asks a blonde man "Why do scuba divers always fall backwards off their boats ?"

the blonde man replies : " If they fell forward , they'd still be in the boat ."

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Nice to read some humour, they say blondes have more fun does anybody agree with this then ?

in reply to YASMINTINA

Definitely not, speaking as a brunette 👍😂

You’ve missed your vocation fluff !

Thanks a million for the laughter

Jan xx

Keep them coming 😘 laughter is the best medicine 🎄🎄🎅🎅


Hmm not sure if this is the appropriate place for this. Is you must make sexist jokes then I’d rather you used private messaging or FB.

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bantam12 in reply to MsAndyIvy

Well I thought they were funny, makes a change to blonde girl jokes !

in reply to bantam12

👍😃. Admin haven't objected so all ok 👍

They’re as funny as them ie not.

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bantam12 in reply to MsAndyIvy

You have the option to not read them, the title is fairly clear so can be avoided 😉

Ok. Who is up for some jokes made by blonde men about fibromyalgia sufferers being hypochondriacs?

No. Me neither!

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desquinnAdministrator in reply to MsAndyIvy

but then that conversation happening on here would suggest intent to offend as opposed to perhaps have a laugh. interested in this conversation as people are obviously taking some humour from this which lightens their mood and then the move onto the next post.

I am not blonde so do not have that perspective but I am male and feel no offense on that part of the pretense. From your image MsAndyIvy you are neither blonde or male. So I am wondering at the offense that is really been taken here.

We have situations like this ( where comedians are being prevented from the opportunity to offend or deploy their humour. Spitting image in the 80s was very offensive to the political class of the time but every one of them prided being featured within it.

I enjoy a lot of comedy and particularly comedians that operate on the edge of sensibility when they are exercising their free speech. I think it was Jimmy Carr that said the offense happens in the audiences head and not from the comedians mouth or something like that.

This is definitely a place where humour should exist but we can have a conversation about the type of humour. but people do have the opportunity to be offended by jokes or statements about anything on here. They also have the opportunity to skip posts and move onto the next one.

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fluff24 in reply to desquinn

Dear Desquinn , thank you so much for the reply above. As I have said , I do not intend to cause anyone any upset , and non of what I put is done with any malice. I have collected a variety of jokes from various magazines etc and thought they would brighten someone's day. One the whole I have always had great feedback, so I am sad to have offended anyone . Comedy did use to be more free , I suppose I just have to remember that what I may find funny may upset some other people. sorry again to anyone who finds the jokes offensive. Mandy [Fluff24

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desquinnAdministrator in reply to fluff24

Mandy I have seen your previous comment about being mindful about any future jokes and that sentiment is appreciated.

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honeybug in reply to desquinn


Very well said and agree totally. 😊🌸🌿🦋🙏🤗💗😘

I hardly ever comment on here, but enough is enough. At this rate everything is going to offend someone somewhere.

This is starting to get like the thought police are in power.I, as a fellow Fibromite, have enough to worry about so any distraction, humour especially, helps.

So what will jokes in future be about ? Chickens ?...Three entities walk into a bar ?

As long as humour isn't degrading or cruel it should be OK.

Try being a ginger haired Scotsman with Scouse roots. Don't talk to me about stereotypes ....:-)

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desquinnAdministrator in reply to 2pods

On live at the apollo South African comedian Loyiso Gola was on it for the first time and his take on our nuanced racism was great even if you were on edge about where he was going to go. To paraphrase on of his comments he said "we had top quality racism across in south africa not like you have over here. signs saying no blacks at the beach. Over here you could be up in front of a judge for killing a ginger and the judge would say but its just a ginger......." Hope I have the general sentiment across and you can watch it on iplayer to get the full version which I would recommend.

This is not legitimising or condoning racism but poking fun at our own views and customs while continuing the conversation about what is allowed and what is not. Bringing apartheid into humour is not without risk but its still educational and funny as well.

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fluff24 in reply to desquinn

Hi Desquinn , thanks for the recommendation of the above comedian, I will check him out !!! [ won't be using any of his material though !! ] love Mandy xx

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fluff24 in reply to 2pods

Dear 2pods , I am so glad I have got a few people who get my humour. As I have said ,I don't wish to upset anyone, and it makes me a bit nervous to continue trying to give us a giggle. I too , like all of us here, suffer a lot of pain each and every day, and I always try to keep my spirits up with laughter . It is a great medicine, and for me this helps to know I can make a few people smile. My days always seem brighter if there is a laugh involved somewhere. We all get bad days, [ and I am sure my hubby and son will vouch for that !!!] but I really feel that if you wallow in misery, it just brings you down even more.

Anyway..... I could probably find a few chicken jokes if you fancy ??? ha ha [ not sure about the three entities tho '

cheers , love Mandy [Fluff24]

Well I thought it was very funny read it out to be OH and he was laughing, a laugh a day is better then a tablet. Love & Hugs Xx

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