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cant keep up with blonde hair maintenance to expensive, hubbys just dyed it light brown ohhhhhhhhh dear


always had blonde highlights on my long hair but at £80 a time cant afford anymore , hubbys just dyed my hair it says light ash brown on the box erm its more like dark chocolate think it was that colour 25 year ago haha oh dear it shows up my white face lol gona have to get the false tan out haha and its going to take a lot getting used to, but hey ho its covered them nasty little white hairs that keep popping up


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at my local college they offer fair prices for different treatments and styles. they are done by the students who are supervised by the tutors.

Oh dear Bella, I know the feeling :) My local college are always looking for hairdressing models, try your own area, give them a ring, you may be lucky and they charge half price or less.


I have had my hair cut short and have blonde highlights now a few white hairs are creeping in... I have a mobile hairdresser who fortunately is cheap but I only did it cos I can't dye my hair myself and the white hairs are coming in curly.... By the time I am in my mid 50s I think I am going to look like a giant poodle :o

hamble99b in reply to Hidden

is it really a mobile hairdresser? my mobile doesn't even have a camera on it.

I think yours must be an app on your ipod!

Hi All

These mobile hairdressers are great, they take your picture (preferably a full top to toe picture and they get to work on it - you did say 8 stone and long legs with the hourglass and you can choose your size of figure as well as your hair style and colour.

When you are finished you send all you friends the new look but have to say you are off on a nice long holiday (which will explain the look when you get back)

VG if you let it grow long you can say you are an Afghan being all regal like.

Take care and Kindest regards


hamble99b in reply to tettridge

lol :)

Getting the colour right is a drag when you do it yourself :-( . I'm going to have to try dyeing my own hair soon because of expense. It's waist length so it will be tricky. Maybe I sould become a ravishing blonde.



They say blondes have more fun... Judging by previous posts we are all quite some fun!!


I decided in Jan that detoxing should include hair colouring and have very deliberately gone hey gracefully. No more watching roots ! It very liberating.....


Always go a shade lighter than your natural colour, which as you say is lighter now I expect than it used to be.

Sometimes anti dandruff shampoo can lighten hair a bit especially when it had been just coloured, but keep washing and conditioning it, it will fade faster than you think.

Most colours go by numbers, and all the ones below 7 are pretty dark, I find, depending on your roots about a 7 or 8 is best, at the moment I am using a 9 for a change, and it is quite blond without being overpowering, be careful with ashes and golds, best to stick with a plain colour to start.

Do not try to lift with another colour as it will not work.

I have been a hairdresser for many years, and I hope this helps,


Hey hunny, I used to be a hairdresser and my advice to anyone buying shop bought colours is pick a colour a shade lighter than you want as they always come out darker


I gave up colouring my hair years ago, and it was a blessing on my purse! Nowadays I'm white at fromt and still dark at back, so I would have to have highlights in back and lowlights in front. somehow seems too much effort!

Hey Bella ,I know just how that feels the colour you want is light blonde if you a naturally dark haired .Im thinking myself whether to go grey or keep having it coloured ,its such a quandary to me .x

I have 2 packs of hair dye waiting in my bathroom need 2 cos my hair reaches my bum and its thick, I have started sporting grey hair so its about time to do it but am waiting on oh as can't do it myself. Gentle hugs to all. Sithy

hiya fibromites, I was getting my hair colored at the hairdressers but now the cost of every 6 - 7 weeks is too much and now it will be my usual dry cut. I dye my hair now, it is to keep the ... silver organic streaks at Hope you all have a good bank holiday, take care M xx.

I take my shop bought hair due to the hairdressers, which I buy when on offer and she does it for a fiver ! Extra .

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