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The pains are back

Sorry to say after having a pain free day the pains are back and seem worse after having some time without

My hips are always bad, along with lower back pain . I am however now in real troubles with wrists,hand ,fingers etc. so much so I can't move my fingers without too much pain. I can't do up buttons and zips etc and feeling sorry for myself so bad on the pain meds

Does this type of thing happen very often or is it once in a blue moon

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Morning Carolinee bad luck sounds like you are having a bit of a flare to contend with. If you are lucky it will ease of but while it is horrid do treat yourself with respect. Your hands will benefit from warm water soaking and gentle exercising of the fingers to loosen them up. At the begining mine were terrible but they come and go now. At mo it is palm of hand and fingers . You asked how often this happens well it is very variable and I hope yours will ease and that will last a good length of time.

Good luck take care xgins


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