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Back again

Hi everyone

Sorry I have not replied to any posts lately but have not been well. Aweek last thursday I started with chest pain and left sided weakness and terrible pain in my left eye. I rang my doctors surgery and had to speak to the duty doctor who just said see how you go and ring back if you get worse. I did ring back and he said if I couldnt get to the surgery my only option was to ring 999. I didnt want to do this but in the end I did. The paramedics where very good and did a heart trace in my bedroom and said my heart was ok so I said leave me at home then but they didnt want to do this as I was in so much pain. In the ambulance they gave me morphine and this eased my pain and I was not really with it. On my arrival at hospital this person came in to the room were I was and said you have functional neurological disorder so thats why you have pain. Nothing they could do so arrange to get collected after an hour to give me time to get over the morphine. Because I was so dozy on the morphine I did not question it but by midnight I was back in alot of chest pain again which has stayed with me for over a week now. I keep getting attacks where it gets much worse and this happened to me at the doctors yesterday so I ended up having another ECG which was clear. My doctor wanted me to go back in hospital but I wouldnt go so I have been for a chest x ray. Sorry to go on but I am so fed up and dont know what to do chest pain is so frightening.


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Have you been diagnosed with chostochondritis that's a chest pain which feels like a heart attack that fibro sufferers get , I am having an attack today it hurts to breath cos I am stretching my ribs my left hand tingles.... I know why I have it Today, i lifted something too heavy that I normally wouldn't even have attempted had my OH been ok to lift, other times it appears for no reason. On a fibro site I looked it up and it says once you have been cleared for a heart problem then it is most likely this and I have been tested numerous times over the 20 years I have had it, it's scary , painful and really annoying cos you just have to wait it out with painkillers.

VG x



Thanks for your reply I have to say I have never heard of this but will read up about it. My diagnosis is Functional neurological disorder now and not Fybro sa was first that but to be honest I think I have both. I am sorry you have this condition but it is reassuring for me that I am not going mad-someone else has this too.

Take care VG

Sue xx


Hi Sue, I was wondering where you had got to. So sorry that you have been so unwell and in pain. I think VG might be right so read up on the condition and then talk to your GP to see if it is a possibility. I hope that you are feeling at least a bit better very soon. All best wishes to you. Jane x


Hi have looked up this chosta...... and it seems that that affects the front of the ribs wheras mine is more in the back not sure though as description of symptoms is very similar. Havent had an acute attack today just the constant ache thanks anyway Sue x


Hi I have just read this post out of interest as my husband has been having chest pains since the age of 17, he is now 42. Every doc that he has seen over this at A + E has done an ECG which has not shown anything so they have told him that it is muscle strain. This is the first time that we have seen that this is part of the fibro and that it does have a name. A very interesting read. His concern over the years as he has got older is when do you stop sitting there and saying its just part of the fibro when it could actually be a heart attack.


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