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I am so angry and upset. Back in September 2014 I lodged an appeal after the person that did my medical lied on my form. I finally got a date for my appeal at the local court for December 2015, then on the day they rang and said that the lift was broken so would have to be rescheduled. The new date was for next tuesday, they only rang this morning and said the lift was still broken!!!

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  • You couldn't write the script I am so sorry for you it is so frustrating. I know all about this sort of thing as my poor husband some years back waited a year to get to the Tribunal Level and they said unfortunately because they wanted the whole of his medical records from the moment he first went to the doctors they could not make a decision that day and he would be called back in 6-8 weeks it was nearly a year so that was 2 years from start to finish. We won but if we had known that would happen initially I don't think we would have gone through all the stress and uncertainty.

    Do hope that it all works out for you.x

  • I agree its so stressful, I only lost my partner in the december before I started the appeal so I was already mentally fragile

  • That's awful that they just keep changing the dates. As it is stressful enough already just to go to the tribunal. But keep going!

    The same happened with me as well, the person who did my medical wrote completely different things on the form compared to what I told her. And anything I found difficult to do, she just wrote that it was probably because of the fatigue though I told her that I couldn't do certain things because of the pain. I was so angry that they are even allowed to do write down information which is totally false.

    I have also heard that this kind of thing happens to many other people as well.

    Anyway I had my tribunal re ESA in December and I won it. So I have just received my first back payment of ESA end of January.

    Hence I feel you should just keep going and good luck.

  • A man at DAG has been helping me and he said that the panel knows that she lies!! I have carers twice a day to help with my personal care and she didn't even mention it in her report!

  • Have you thought of insisting that this must be a home review and have a friend to open doors etc?

  • So can't they get a room on a ground floor it's supposed to be informal , but I did my appeal it was horrible worse than my divorse I lost my appeal got awarded more points but ,put straight in for a fresh clame and wrote to my mp got my GP involved, and got my pip awarded for 5 years , I would contact mp say about how stressed this is making you , make sure you are mid flare when you get there ,

    Good luck and keep fighting 😀

  • I would say angry was an understatement. I pray this is resolved soon and in your favour.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend, and I sincerely hope that you get your appeal soon. I did read the other day that statutory bodies have a legal duty to afford disability access to everyone? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appeal when you finally get it.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Update: The woman rang again today to confirm that the lift was broken and asked if I wanted to have another date or let them decide without me there. I said I wanted a new date, but also wanted to know the address that I write too to complain, and got emotional when I explained how long it had been going on. Well less than an hour later said that they had managed to borrow a ground floor at the local town hall and would I like to go there.

  • That sounds wonderful. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Fingers crossed for you

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Update on my appeal I WON!!!!! they have said that I should have been on enhanced care and mobility since Sept 2014.

    It was nerve racking sat in front of three strangers deciding my fate, but on my right I had my son, and on the left Tim from DAG. They all asked several questions and I answered as best as could, well they did ask how my illnesses affected me back then.

    Afterwards we were asked to wait outside, shortly after they asked Tim if he could go in for the results. Couldn't believe it when he came back out not only said that I had won, but that the panel thought that the people that are providing my healthcare are not giving me the help that I need!!!

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