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well sent my dla form away on the 16th of this month and got a reply on the 27th and u guessed it got a nock back for it, said i dont need help with anything and that im not a danger to myself or anyone else, well thats a lie as i have burnt myself and my b/f umpteen times trying to lift pots and dropping them, they said they used my esa form to decde, which i dont think is fair as i am appealing that at the moment, dont think im going to appeal the dla though as feel its to much hassle and just upsets me worrying about it xx

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  • i know it's a hassle love but appeal all that's how they get away with it please do it i know just how you feel :( x

  • I agree, appeal. Don't let them get away with this, we must all fight for our right's on this. I have problems with my hand's / thumb's sometimes I can use the tin opener but more often than not I can't, so I know how you feel but don't give up. soft hugs xx.

  • ty aches n pains and tupney, my b/f said i should also, just so fed up feel as though they r telling me that im lying about everything it p****s me off so much, how can they tell me how i feel with the fibro, the athritis lol , and every other thing i have wrong with me, would love to see hese ppl deal with all these things on a day to day bases, bet they wouldnt be long in changing their minds, anyway rant over, lol ty for listening big sft gentle hugs xx

  • go for it please appeal.how the hell can they deside on your esa don't make sence take it all the way best of luck to you but don't worry

    bob xx

  • TYvm bob going to see welfare rights officer n see xhat they say x

  • Ask them to review their decision, and if that doesn't work, then appeal. They rely on people letting the decision stand, as they are often too sick and weary to fight. I know it is a hassle. I had the same scenario. Despite sending a very detailed claim form 18 months ago, they responded as they did to you, and turned me down. I can't use a can opener, lift a pan, or peel/chop vegetables. I cannot cut up my own food, frequenty drop cutlery, and I even drop cups of tea, yet they said I needed no help. I accepted that decision, and didn't appeal.

    I was given tendon release surgery on my arm last November, to no avail, things got worse, and I dropped a kettle of boiling water trying to make a cup of tea, so I applied again in May. Again I was refused, so I asked them to review the decision. My doctor was contacted again, and finally today they have awarded me the lower rate of care DLA. They say I am not in danger of falling, although I fall at least once a day. They just lie. Yet having at least got the lower rate care element, I am not challenging it further for fear they take this award away. Don't give in, and good luck


  • always remem ber when fillingin the form to describe your worst day dont say you can walk ten steps if you cant do that on a bad day fill it out with your very worst day in mind petal

  • You need to appeal, when you do they will do an automatic reconsideration of your application. Get on the phone to your local CAB or if they have a drop in system go to that with your form & decision letter.

    Did the Decision Maker letter mention that they used anything other than your ESA assessment to make their decision? (ESA is only supposed to be used if the results of the assessment are at odds with your DLA form.)

    If that's all they've used to come to their decision please you can use that as grounds for your appeal - if they've not asked your GP and/or consultant for a report then they should. ESA is an out of work benefit whilst DLA is an in work benefit (ie you can be fit for work but still get DLA).

    Have a look at what you've written down on your original form - check how you've worded it, sometimes it isn't what you've written it's how you've written it that matters. If you see anything that needs clarifying or you've forgotten then bring that to their attention. If your condition is variable let them know how variable it is.

    Does your GP know that you've been dropping things & been burning yourself? Hopefully s/he does and can write a report to that effect. Make an appointment with your GP once you have your appeal form in so that you can discuss it with them - it always helps if your GP is supportive.

    DWP are counting on those who've been turned down to just walk away from it, it saves them money and it looks good on their statistics. I know how stressful it can be but hopefully it'll be sorted out soon - sometimes there has to be some pain to get a gain in the end.

  • hi there they,did the same to me said i was fit for work an dont think if fair how we are being treated ,because of this illness ,hope you get sorted hun .

  • hi there they,did the same to me said i was fit for work an dont think if fair how we are being treated ,because of this illness ,hope you get sorted hun .

  • hi there they,did the same to me said i was fit for work an dont think if fair how we are being treated ,because of this illness ,hope you get sorted hun .

  • hi there they,did the same to me said i was fit for work an dont think if fair how we are being treated ,because of this illness ,hope you get sorted hun .

  • hi there they,did the same to me said i was fit for work an dont think if fair how we are being treated ,because of this illness ,hope you get sorted hun .

  • i sent away for it too and got refused, so i didnt bother again, whats the point, i think its a joke, and yet some can get it that do not need it. i dont mean fibros, i mean other people who claim for things

  • Please come back to this thread as I have a more complete reply, which may be of interest to you. Sorry you've had a bad experience. Don't give up!

  • I applied about 5 years ago for DLA, was refused. Had a bad fall and claimed again, was refused. I appealed, was awarded low rate care. 2 years later I met through my husband a lady that works in social care. She asked what benefits I was on, I told her, she was disgusted I wasnt on mobility. She came round, filled out the forms, it took 4 and a half hours to do these forms. I was turned down, This lady asked for a reconsideration. I finally got high rate mobility last year which has been a life line for me. However when ESA sent out forms this lady did them for me, we were shocked when they put in me the back to work group. We are now appealing this. Its been 3 months and not heard a thing. I have also just been diagnosed with CHronic Kidney Disease which on top of Fibro and Arthritis. has knocked me for 6. I go dizzy, I pass out, I have no energy, am in chronic constant pain, life is shit if you excuse me. Anyway, have now applied for high rate care. Its been 6 weeks and have heard nothing. Bettings it comes back failed?? Grrrrrrrrr no must not GRrrrrr it hurts!


  • Write to them hun. Tell them exactly whats going on in your life! Good luck.

  • Oh What I meant to say! tut memory ............please please do appeal, keep appealing, get someone in the know to help you fill out the forms. It turns out I was filling them in wrong, telling them I could walk, but it was painful, I could use the loo ok, but not telling them about the times I couldnt. The person reading your form does not know you or how you cope. You have to write down what you cant do! and trust me, when you start. there are a LOT of things you can do. Good luck xx Gentle hugs xx

  • Nanatre you have hit it on the head. They do not know you and can only go by what you tell them. Look again and see what you missed out. Tell it like it is on your worst days; you can mention its variable but be careful as they may think you are saying then you are better!

    I was refused. I only wanted mobility as I was trapped in the house without help. When they said no, we will review in 6 months I sent a letter spelling out how that would affect me. I asked them to imagine only being able to get out if someone took you door to door. That you have problems getting around the garden let alone to a neighbour. At times I can walk a little further, but that is rare so I didn't mention it. Otherwise, what would happen? They take away my mobility scooter that day and return it the next? I poured my heart out into that letter and it did leave me drained as I was crying as I wrote it. It is horrible having to face all the things you cannot do, such as 'pop upstairs' for something you forgot - instead having to wait until your husband finishes work or a friend pops round to do it for you!

    I got it. I am on higher mobility. Half of that goes on a mobility scooter so I can pop down the shops when I want to. Take the dog for a walk, visit family or friends - it covers 25 miles and can go on the road. Free road tax and the insurance is covered too. The RAC are tied into it and can come pick me and the scooter up if it breaks down and if I get a flat tyre they will fix that as well. Now I moan about the pavements! Never satisfied me!! he he he

    The rest covers what ever I want. That could be a taxi to the pictures or hairdresser. Or could be to pay the hairdresser! The money really helps. Especially as I can pay a friend petrol money!

    If you are lucky like me [I sometimes feel guilty when I hear how people are suffering - forgetting the times I do too!] and want to go back to work, contact Access to Work via Job Centre Plus. They will ask you what you need to get back. I needed transport in a taxi and something to help me get around on site. I have a taxi a day and a battery chair to get around which they pay for. Without this I would not be back at work. I could not afford to.

    If you are not at work, don't feel guilty. That will be me in time, I am just fighting it.

    Soft hugs and go write that sobbing letter [no misspelling in that but it could be!]

    Take care. Try. What will you lose if you don't and think what you will gain if you try. Good luck.

    Soft hugs

  • Hun they did this to me as well.i had c.a b help me with e.s.a forms and dla forms.got knocked back from both.

    I did get d.l.a for my m.e.

    But ran out.

    We deserve it keep fighting .x

  • Hi Sammy, re apply hun, you deserve that money, its yours to make your life easier. Go back to CAB or Welfare rights, claim whats yours please xx

  • hi everyone just wanted to say tyvm for all your replys and support and to tell yous i am going to appeal, dont know if it will make much difference or not but dont see why i should let them win, a friend of mine was telling me that a girl i used to go to school with is on the high rate of dla for life cause she is an alcaholic, nothing else wrong with her just this, i know there is ppl out there that need and deserve to have dla, but ppl like her choose her way of life we didnt choose to have an illness or disability, sorry if this sounds bad but what annoys me even more is her family is loaded and can give her all the help she needs it makes me so angry that nearly everyone on here is fighting for some sort of help yet they just hand it out to ppl that dont need or deserve it, after all she is just going to use the money for more drink, were asking for help to make our lifes livable and help us have a life, sorry for the rant just had to get this off my chest, ty everyone xx

  • Hi, I'm new on here. Been looking at all this and realise that there are more people than me. I've been fighting DLA and have got nothing. Thinking about giving up - I don't have the energy to fight. Feel like my form not read. I stand in the same place with you.

    I have nobody except me, so save all my energy in trying to remain positive - it is getting me down the DLA. However I feel that my GP understands but can't do anything.

  • Hi me too last week i got the same thing but i said to DIAL about this if it happened and he said to be honest if they refuse youand your GP has written a letter to back you then jus accept the decision but if they refuse you and gp has not written then go for it so i will give DIAL a call this week and see what they say then go from there it is so annoying love to you diddle xxxxx

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