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Hello 2AM, we really must stop meeting like this !

It is one of those nights where I'd love to go to sleep, however my weary corpse has other ideas. It is having a wonderful time creating the feeling of pneumatic drills in my legs, attempting to make my shoulders touch my ears and creating the sensation of an ice pick ramming it's way into the right hand side of my skull.......oh and for good measure it's vibrating my eardrums with the Hyperaccusis creating a wonderfully high pitched weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Despite me trying to poison it with the prescribed Gabapentin, Tramadol, Amitryptiline, diclofenac, oramorph and electrocuting it to within an inch of my sanity, weary corpse is winning and keeping me awake. Thank you Blog for letting me have a little rant in the vain attempt to save my sanity. Gentle Hugs ;-)

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hello Mrs 2am...i must be mrs 2.30am.....hopenurnok? cant sleep, despite having a busy day...had homemade lentil soup yesterday and 2nd day soup 2day///pain is horrendus...and have ages in loo 2day....spent many pennies...u take care :)


Thank you Mrs 2.30 lol ! I know I've got to do things tomorrow too which makes sleep even more tempting ;-) I hope you have a better day today, Gentle Hugs.



Going by this I must be Mr 03.45 to 06.15 as I seem to wake at this time no matter when I go to bed.

On the bright side at least I have no worry about taking my 06.00 tablets.

Nothing much happening, a deaf driver went by just now, I suppose he was hoping to wake those that were not asleep, did not happen here, my wife and daughter and the dogs all slept through it..

I find without spell check my writing would be pretty unreadable so with the little red underlines it does help because I can look at the screen or type, one or the other. no multitasking here that's for sure.

I know about the centring on the F & the J but lost those skills years ago. They said once learned you just get back into it, like riding a bike, well I fell off the bike so many times the bloke who stole it said it was an act of kindness, oh well at least it was not a real bike.

Take care and kindest regards



Hi everyone I'm the same I stay up so I can sleep after nodding off a few times in front of tv but I get to bed & boom wide awake...after tossing & turning & what seems like I've only just gone to sleep its time to get up& go to work good job I don't have to start till mid day seem to have the same pattern too I take the tablets but still up & down to the loo :) I'm glad I'm not on my own...a man whome I met on holiday said for the restless legs try sipping tonic water so I did & it does help something to do with the quinene give it a try hope you all have a good day hugs to you all x:)


Just woke up I did tell you all i had great night meds....after just over 20 years like all of you my gp cracked it ....Went to sleep just after midnight ...woke at 10.30 ....waits for all the hate mail.......

I am sympathetic honestly cos I have been where all you have been...



I eventually drifted off with the dawn chorus and was back up at 8 with my alarm for my meds *rolls eyes*I must admit to a twang of jelousy VG ;-) but I am so glad that there is at least one of us who has cracked the insomnia. I remember reading about quinnine being excellent for restless legs and often reccomend it to members of my pain group to alleviate some of the discomfort, I am lucky that the parastesia kicks in with me so they eventually go completely dead............until they wake up and OMG don't I know it !

I send everyone wishes for as pain free a day as possible :-) Gently Hugs


I used to have restless arms.... So I would be shadow boxing at night.... I eat a banana a day am now sick of them but they have serotonin and potassium and I very rarely get the restless arms now... Though I wish I could get bananas in tablet form ....but I works so I stick with it..

VG x


Hi psychorrax, I am not medically trained but have become quitre informed about meds by personal experience.

I have had RA for 18 yrs and fibro. I noticed from you meds you are taking a lot of different ones which may be causing some of your symptoms and interfereing with each.other.

For example diclofenc, anti inflamatory, and amitryptaline, antidepressent, can ingterfere acording to patient info. sheet. Gabapentin and amit. are both antidepressents with Gab. being used as a pain reliever.

Tramadol is another pain reliever, I do not know about Oramorph but from the name sounds like another pain reliever.

Please psychorrax have a word with pharmacist or your GP. this mix and match of meds may be causing some of your problems.

Take care. x


Hi Siskin, thank you for your concern :-) both myself and my Mam are both on the same meds prescribed by different doctors at different ends of the country. I was prescribed the meds I'm on by a pain services doctor and assumed they knew what they were giving me......I shall definitely be looking into what you have said, thank you.

I am mainly on tramadol with oromorph as top up, to the best of my understanding they both attatch to receptors down the spine there for blocking pain messages. The amitryp was prescribed to help with spasms ( so that I don't suddenly hit someone that is stood next to my in Iceland again......that was so humiliating) and night time toilet visits. The Gabapentin was prescribed for the severe head pain. And now I think I'm waffling *goes cross eyed*


I feel for you. Especially the tinitus, I think that is what you are describing!

I have it constantly very loud in both ears, but it is so much worse at night

Also I get aching and restless legs due to RLS and severe ectopic heartbeats, like you the weary corpse is winning.

We must fight back, if only, lol!



Hi again, I forgot to say I am awake at around 2 every night usually, 12, 1, 3, and so on, so if you want to chat feel free, lol!