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it really does look like spring how toatly amasing! It hasnt improved the pain levels if anything


it has spread further and bites harder. My legs hips knees lower back I could go on but you all know where I am coming from. We all have the same pain in the same muscular knots

what we must try is not to only to balance our pain killers but endeavour to balance our out look on Fibro. Balance yes imagine a set of scales the pain on one side weighing us down the answer to our prayers lightly bobbing on the other side, that would be patience pain killers and platitudes on the other. Today I need all three and feel slightly feel that the stoic ness of Mrs Thatcher is needed. Sorry about that thinking of too many things today.

So how do we regulate our pain ofcourse we cant but stress I feel makes it worse and over exertion the weather indeed weather we are happy or sad. When we are of light mood we cope better so I send you all a Hug feel better

cope well xgins

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Morning gins.... We had lovely weather this weekend I pottered round the garden and felt so much better I think it was the weather and the fact I love to potter in the garden.. It's now gone cold and grey again and I feel myself seizing up again.... But this weekend is a sign things are going to improve weather wise and I can't wait

VG xx

Ginsing in reply to Hidden

I do love a good potter/ or a bad one / dont mind which hehe . I do have a panchant for pulling up weeds and I have to resist . Like the sun more please then we can have tea outside .

Oh I need a gardener to come and help afraid OH can no longer manage :(

Take care


My little daffy are cheering me up with their sunny colour. Just would like some sun to go with them.


Yes, it's gone cold and grey again, here in Southampton, and it's raining hard :(

I knew i shouldn't have looked at the summer clothes in M&S!

Moffy x


Ha so you are to blame!!!!!


Yes - I only have to mutter the words 'Ambre Solaire' and the wind starts up from Siberia!

Oh Moffy, put tape across thine mouth, those words should never be issued until at least the end of May methinks........that is unless you're off to the other side of the world, then it's allowed, said here though it most certainly changes this for the we know to to blame, hehehe Foggy x

I'm so fed up with the weather keep changing as my pain is going through the roof at the mo! I tend to find its not warm or cold that effects me but the changes that effect me most.

I hate bing like this. I am still not up yet and its nearly painkillers haven't really done a thing today.

But on the plus side i can see its a bright day out there, that cheers me up. Its not as sunny as it has been but that i don't mind, it certainly brightens you up if the weather is looking good, even if its not helping the pain.

Enjoy the day everyone, whatever you are doing, just don't over do it :) xx (((hugs)))

Fourboys in reply to fibro

Hi to all I am new here, hope to join in all the chat

Don't worry fibro I am still in bed and it's 1pm, hubby's gone golf and forgot to put heating on, problem being it's a new heating system shamefully I don't know how to put in on!!!

I agree that the atmosphere of all the weather changes we are going through is to do with the increasing pain, cannot remember when I can say I had a good day I find it best to go by the amount of hours

Hugs to all xx

Welcome Fourboys,

I'm glad you've joined us, and we shall look forward to your blogs and posts!

Have you had a look at our main site?

Moffy x

Well, my feeling is totally other way. I am in Italy. it's getting sunny and hot over here and my pains started to kick me again. I was fine during the winter.

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