Hi everyone I'm new to this site and I would just like to say hello😄😄

Hi I have found this site and joined as I'm trying to get as much information as I can on fibromyalgia, I have been having health problems over the last four years I have not been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I feel I'm going round in circles at the GP's Ive had lots and lots of bloods done and the only thing that's shows up is low iron and slightly low vitamin D, I was told I was probably going through the peri- menopause I'm 46 nearly 47 but I'm not convinced due to the crashing fatigue, sore muscles, lower back pain, sinus trouble , foggy brain and in general feeling weak, I work full time Mon/Fri and need the weekend to rest, ready for Monday, if anyone could advise on these symptoms I would be grateful, feeling desperate and wanting to feel like I use to. Sorry for the long post x


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  • Hi firstly welcome to a great site - to find out if you have fibromyalgia you really need to be prepared to jumps through hoops - I have been unwell for over four years - but have only now got to the stage of being confirmed its fibromyalgia - I had a big battle with stress and then a slipped disc , and then all the symptoms you describe - fatigue, painful muscles , back pain and I also have a weakness in walking and foggy brain - in the end I couldn't cope with my job due to the fatigue, pain, and foggy brain - over the last 18 months I have had many many blood tests (all came up clear) , a MRI an electro test and xrays also I have been examined by rheumatologist and a neurologist and several doctors and a physio- I now have an appointment in July to have the pressure point test and an appointment for the chronic pain clinic - I have known for a have for a long time so by the time they confirm it will be no surprise - you need a very supportive doctor who doesn't tell you its all in your head - good luck - Neese x

  • Hi Neese firstly thank you for your reply, I must say my gp upto now has been quite willing to listen to me, there's something that sticks in my mind what she said to me on one of my visits which was "I don't want to diagnose you with chronic fatigue syndrome" ? I said to her I just want to feel better it's not normal to feel this tired when I have always been so active, she replied that I'm at a funny age? .do you think I should ask to see a rheumatologist? Once again thank you for your reply Tetty x

  • Firstly - I would go back and see your doctor again and tell her how your body feels, I have changed doctors 3 times the first said it was in my head and my age (I was 56 then ). the second said it was my slipped disc and I would get stronger and I told the third " I think I have fibromyalgia " and broke down in tears - and she said lets take some bloods and refer you to a rheumatologist - and after all these tests she said to me - last week!!! - yes sorry but I am pretty sure you do have fibromyalgia-yes you start with a referral to a rheumatologist just to start ruling things out - wishing you the best of luck x

  • I feel so sad when i hear that your doctors are not helpful,i live in East Sussex and have had so much help bothfrom my own doctor.I have had fibromyalgia and artrithis for 15 years and had my first hip replacemeny at 39 followed by 2 more in later years.I am now struggling alot but i think also i am getting older!!!!but my one bug bear is my weight due to all the tablets i also have an injection once a week.I really do feel for those of you who do not have an understanding gp as i don't think i could have coed without the help,time and patience mine have given me. Take care xx

  • Hi I shook my doctors hand and thanked her so much for "believing". me and referring me to a rheumatologist - its been a long road trying to find a doctor who listens - the trouble is I had to break down and cry to get a response after many years of pain - it shouldn't be like this for fibromyalgia sufferers. - I need a badge saying "its not in my head!"" - look after yourself - Neese. x

  • Thank you for that information I have a appointment in a fortnight, I will ask her if she will refer me, I hope everything go's well in July with your appointment x

  • Thank you. -keep in touch 😊

  • Will do ☺

  • Yes definitely ask to see a rheumatologist, good luck

  • Thank you ☺

  • Hi and welcome to our site.Hope you find it helpful along with some fun as well.Peck🐤

  • Hi Tommitetty

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted for you below a link to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:


    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much, and what you have described could be Fibro but the symptoms also mimic other medical conditions. Fibro is usually diagnosed after a period of elimination of other illnesses.

    I have pasted below a link and an excerpt to the *WebMD cache on what is deemed the ''*Tender Point Tests'' which go a long way in diagnosing Fibro. This is something that a Rheumatologist usually undertakes:

    *What are tender points?

    Tender points are pain points or localised areas of tenderness around joints, but not the joints themselves. These tender points hurt when pressed with a finger.

    Tender points are usually not deep areas of pain. Instead, they are superficial areas seemingly under the surface of the skin, such as the area over the elbow or shoulder.


    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi thank you for the infomation you have supplied it it's greatly appreciated have a nice day ☺

  • welcome tommitetty i have had fibromyalgia for many years your symptoms sound like fibromyalgia ask your doctor to refer you to see a rheumatolagist i found a site that helps you to understand the symptoms of fibro you wont have them all google 100 symptoms of fibromyalgia hope it helps happy to meet you have any questions please ask sending softest hugs ,

  • Hi Mason thankyou for your reply I just need to get some answers , finding work hard at the moment, I will check out 100 symptoms of fibromyalgia thankyou for the info ☺☺

  • welcome to this wonderful site, I have made many friends and have learnt a lot about fibromyalgia from everyone on here. I agree you should ask to be referred as you cant live in limbo not having answers. hugs x

  • Thank you for your reply I'm going to try my best when I see the Dr next, hugs x

  • Hi Tommitetty, please can we have some simple names some times Lol !

    I joined this site only five days ago, and have spent hours reading through the many suggestions, and adding posts due to my knowledge sometimes filling gaps. This has been a massive learning curve for this 63yr old lump, but everything adds a little more to what you know and how to cope.

    The link at the bottom is to the useful site at University of Michigan, and if you can spare the time (1.5hrs), listen to Dr Daniel's lecture, keep pen and paper handy.

    Currently, I am partially disabled due to my RheumyCon diagnosing a damaged nerve in my back, the referred pain covered the whole of my left thigh front to back, and the left calf bone. Ignore people who say "you can't feel pain in a bone", they are just showing their ignorance. Fibro pain can be felt in just about any living part of the body's structure, and bone is a living thing, if not, then why do broken bones repair themselves ?

    Acupuncture is a good pain manager, my Fibro was diagnosed by the RheumyCon for the British Olympic Team, and he offered to teach someone acupuncture so they could help me. I had a session last week, that resulted in the thigh pain becoming centralised to just one area (very tender), and similar with the calf bone. My pain levels have dropped from debilitating 8, to a workable 6, the only thing I did different, was having acupuncture.

    I hope you find this site as helpful as I have, in each post there is something you can gain, even if only comfort and support.

    Hope you get some good days in between bad ones, they are to be cherished.

    Hayesider x


  • Hi haysider thank you for reply I will take a look at Dr Daniels lecture at the weekend when I have more time to spare, oh and sorry about the name lol x 😀

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