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GPs don't understand what it's really like living with fibro


Am at the point we're a don't even want to go to mmy GP as a feel like ther attitude is o here she comes again a feel bad at the best of times with every fin that's going on with regards to my fibro I also suffer from chronic fatigue depression.. Anxiety.. A just feel hopeless at the min.. A just won't answers and to be treated them same as every 1 els a can't help how I am the now.. Just feel now my GP are not listing to me and they just hit me a different painkiller to take.. It get really overwhelming at times n really hard to cope with.. Xx

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I really feel for you. Is there another GP you could go and see? Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

MichelleButterflyFMA UK Volunteer

Please see another doctor. See all the doctors at your surgery if need be, until you find one who will listen to you. Good luck.

Sorry your feeling so bad Amanda, I have the same experiences with doctors, so please don't take it personally, some of them really lack bedside manor (putting it mildly)

I rarely see the doctors anymore because they are no help, its all about masking the symptoms instead of treating them.

It all becomes a vicious circle, your symptoms effect your emotions but it is possible to improve your situation - thats for sure. Dr Leon Chaitow (such a wonderful man, who truely understood Fibro) has many helpful info in his book but one main thing that stuck out was that he said aim to just improve your overall health (not focus on anything in particular) but just improve your health then things start to pick up, never rush it either, little steps make a big difference in the end.

We are hear for you to help and support you on your wellness journey

Know exactly how you feel; Haven't been near mine in two years!

Mydexter in reply to Midori

Me too, it's just a waste of time👎 If you've got a Doctor that actually listens and does something you're very lucky, hang on to him.

I've never been offered physiotherapy or a pain clinic just pain killers

Patdoyle in reply to Mydexter

My nephew is a GP and he told me he dreads people coming in with fibromyalgia and ME because there’s not much they can do to help apart from reassurance and pain n relief. He said when he was training they only touch on the subject of illnesses like ours.. I don’t even bother asking my GP anymore. It’s very hard to deal with this misunderstood illness that we suffer with.

bobbybobb in reply to Mydexter

Oh my word Mydexter, that's really not on, It's almost like neglect from your GP, it's his duty to offer and let you know what might be available to you. I am shocked. xx

Mydexter in reply to bobbybobb

Really, I think there's a lot of us on here in the same position, a few on this post alone, some Drs just don't want to know

Hi, It's hit and miss with Doctor's and their attitudes. As Fibro Awareness is becoming more prominent and there is a better understanding of it. this information is filtering down. Some GP's want to remain ignorant and unfortunately you can't knock a brick wall down with a plastic hammer. There are some good Doctor's out there, you have to look for them. xx

Hi to be honest think only ppl that understand it is the ppl that have it. I’ve tried to explain to ppl. my gp is lovely she listens to me and asks me how I am etc but I tend not to go because feel like wasting her time. Only time I go is for my pills or check ups etc. I just see hospital for my treatments etc

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