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PHYSIO !!!!!!!!!!!


My doc recently referred me for physio for my back and wrist cos i walk with a stick now.

She said that having physio treatment would make me feel better.

Ive only had 1 session and I can tell you now............ I don't feel better, to be honest i feel worse, I'm not thick, I understand what the treatment can do for someone like me with Fibro, but when you're in pain why would you put yourself through exercises that make you hurt even more.

I dont like him much either no bedside manner, didnt seem to take much notice of my symptoms once I said Fibromyalgia.

Please tell me I'M not alone in this, I don't want to be in pain thats why I take all this medication.

PLEASE let me know what you think.



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Physio.... My physio put my neck in a traction machine gave me a panic button and went off for a coffee... Made my neck worse as I was meant to be having manual manipulation but physios don't do necks .... Apparantly... So after been half strangled for 20mins for 3 sessions I was discharged as my neck was worse...

I now have injections in my neck every3 months and they help a lot

VG x


Bloody hell, that sounds terrible ,, if I felt worse I wouldn't go back. I know that's not very supportive but I thought with fibro it was spose to be little steps with phisio . In everything I've read it states small steps excersize but if it hurts stop, that's in nearly ever fibro book. Oh am so sorry you two .

Well it's your first session , see what happens next one. Be firm with them when you go next. I just know I would be adamant if it were myself that I couldn't put my body under too much stress physically . I'm really poorly if I do that . Sorry to hear about your experience . A soft HUG x x


Ive just started physio again and she was really inderstanding about fibro.


I have been attending 'gentle physio' workouts as a part of my Pain Management Course. Initially my reaction was the same as yours. What I did find though was that although it hurt at the time, the aching the next day was more from the unused muscles than the actual fibro. I just ached so much that it was hard to see that.

I was given an exercise sheet to use at home, which I never took out of my bag - until last week

I am now in the fourth week, and can say that not only has it become easier, I actually feel better from it. These are only low impact strengthening exercises. Although initially I just couldn't see the point of it, especially for my arms which have been permanently painful for the past 5 years, I am now actually feeling the benefit in that I don't fall as often, and although the fibro pain is still present, it is no worse than before.

I'd advise you to give it a go, but be careful that you never overdo it.

I am due to start a 4-6 month physiotherapy course on 2nd April, with a different physio, so I am just hoping that his regime is also a gentle approach

Good luck with it, and I do hope you get some benefit from it.


Em xx


I went to physio for graded exercise, 2 sessions later they finnished with me. No exercise done or anything. Seems to me the minute you say fibromyalgia, you become invisible xx


You are not alone I know exactly how you feel....when I was sent to physio and I told the female physiotherepist she was actually quite sympathic and told me to just tackle tasks in small stages...and didnt bother giving me any exercises...but did say I should try and walk to keep active....

Bev :)


I know exactly how you feel some healthcare professionals don't believe it is an illness I have come across so many like that as soon as you mention fibro they switch off from you my new docs treat me so bad I've stopped going even tho I sometimes need too they say loose weight !!! I wa a reasonable weight when gradually got worse to the extent I need wheelchair hence now grossly over weight ! Healthcare proff need more info and training on such life disabling illness YES it is an ILLNESS RECOGNISED ILLNESS PLEASE TREAT PEOPLE WITH CARE AND UNDERSTANDING THAT'S WHAT I SAY !


I must be very lucky. I have seen two physio and both very supportive, very helpful and very understanding. The first visit I had was brilliant she told me I could be helped (very unlike my GP who gives me the impression of I am n just to keep taking the drugs and live with it!) it was going to be long and slow road but I could get to a manageable place. I started at a very low impact rehab exercise class. She warned me I would be most certainly the youngest of the group. I had to attend half an hour early to the rest of the class to meet the physio running the class and for him to access my fitness or lack of it in my case!! He told me to pace and only do what I felt comfortable with. I very much over did it at first. Think I wasn't aware exactly how low my fitness level was but as the weeks progressed I was very much getting better at the pacing and the listening to my body so not to induce a flair. I have moved to a much more demanding class but I still go at my own pace and it is working for me. My fitness level is still very low for a woman of my age but if I over do it or flair up I find I am recovering much quicker than I was. I have done a lot f changes to my life due to fibro but I feel if you try to eat well no cigarettes a little regular exercise be careful of your alcohol in take and learn some relaxation technique this is the way to manage this very unforgiving condition. San


I have physio for my spine after rods and screws put in but I can't do the exercises if I do them I can't move..he told me use a tread mill cycle swim I can't walk most days I sleep more than anything I'm in serious pain my arm is giving me terrible pain...but if i cant do the exercises the scar tissue tightens round the screws and goes stiff so I'm in no way situation.


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