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Physio worries me!!

Hi Guys I am off to the physio unit for an appointment this aft and I am worried in case they make me overdo it and I feel many people I know have had bad experience with physio. I just dont know what to expect as it is an hr long app; Don't know what I can do as at the moment not a lot !!!

Please send lots of gentle thoughts my way will let you all know how I get on when i get back or tomorrow.

Hugs to all

Rainbowdancer x x x

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Hi Rainbow,

Hope you get on OK, and remember that they can't make you do anything you don't wish to. Listen to their advice, by all means, and see what you think, but if it sounds like it won't do you any good, then question what they've said.

It's YOUR body and YOU know what will upset you, so don't be afraid to speak out!

Love and tender thoughts ... Moffy x


Thanks Moffy never been before and at the moment I cant even walk. Dr said he wants them to get me walking as best I can with two new knees needed...and also he wants them to work on my core muscle and give me some exercises to help me to lose weight. frightened the life out of me. I used to go swimming every day and now I can't ,so he said you need Physio then,and also try to get back to your swimming. It is very hard when I cant even dress myself ( nics and leggins or socks ) what a sight I would be lol x x x

Gentl hugs Moffy and thanks again x x

Rainbowdancer x x


I've recently had physio & could hardly walk at the time. My physio couldn't have been kinder, nicer, more gentle or understanding on all levels. If my experience is anything to go by then please don't worry!

Good luck & gentle hugs. xx


I hope is is all going well for you as most phisios don't have training on fibro so don't understand that we need to pace ourselves. I did have one phisio who had done courses on it and he was fantastic, hope yours is like this. hugs x


hope it goes well xx

gentle dyslexic hugs


hi i went to physio and they would not touch me they said there was no poiunt me having it with my condiution and there would be no poiint to it i have fibromyalgiaa nd a slight curvature tio the left of my spine at the bottom ????? so maybe when they talk to you and discuss your symptons you may be told the same love to you diddle x


Hi hope you have a positive experience. The doctors have finally realised that physio makes me worse i.e. went in with one stick then ended up using two, just messed me up. That being said i know that some people do benefit from it, hopefully you'll be one of them.

Good Luck and gentle hugs



Physio are trying to help me, but I'm dubious of the benefit, I do a few minutes on a excercise bike, and then some work walking supported on the parallel bars. It knocks me flat! It's made worse by the fact that the Physio Gym is right in the middle of the hospital, so a long walk to any entrance.

Cheers, Midori


Hi well thanks everyone for your positive feed back.

I went to the hospital ,even having a shower for me is a hard one I am worn out and usually sleep for hrs after,but had to go an hr later. When we got to the Mineral Hospital you could not park!! No wheelchairs either and I have not walked outside for ages. My husband had to drop me off and try to park somewhere,I took the lift to the dep;on my own and found reception and sat and waited. a very nice guy came after 20 mins or so and I then had to walk quite a way to the cubicles. He read my letter and notes and chatted to me ,then he said this was far too much for me . The specialist from salsbury had asked that I have Physio for my hip and knees,exercises to help me lose weight and help with getting me on the move with my fibro,along with the fact I have CVFS !!

The Physio guy chatted with my husband and I about how bad I am at the moment and that I have a mountain to climb,and it is two much to address all at the same appointment. I was in tears at times as I dont feel I will ever get better. He was very reasuring and gave me a few answers. We did not do any Physio as he felt I was worn out just getting to the appointment. He has now refered me to another hospital and Rhumatologist ( not sure of spelling ) and has set me up with a new Physio at the same Hospital so that they can work together.

He advised me how to turn my sleep pattern around too....and tomorrow I will try it.

Today I am not able to do a lot as I was exhausted after yesterday. the up part of yesterday was on the way home I called in to the Garage with My papers and helped by my husband ,chose my new car which will be here in 6 weeks :-)

sorry this was very long winded but it was a sort of long winded day lol

Gentle hugs to you all

Rainbowdancer x x x x


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