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Physio not helping

Been back to Physio this morning, he has now referred me to a specialist about my shoulder, its not getting any better despite physio, movement is very limited, it is so frustrating as i am left handed and it is my left side that is affected.

On top of this i am tired and have loads to do, brain says one thing body wants to do another. Got to finish decorating Grandaughter's birthday cake, helping at Gala tomorrow, its my birthday tomorrow, don;t know what son and family have planned. know they are up to something, My sister in law is coming to stay for the weekend as well, the house needs a damned good clean, windows need cleaning. So i think i best take stock and at least get vacced up in the living room at least, rest of house can wait. Energy levels are at an all time low and pain is a nuisance.

i find now i am getting a lot of pain and stiffness in my neck and upper back, don;t know whether that could be related to the frozen shoulder, Well thats enough of my ravings on to the vacing.

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Unfortunately quite a few of us just don't respond in the way the physios expect ... I have seen many physios in the last 23 years have had different treatments tried ....gone home ..followed the exercises religiously to no avail... My main problems are my neck shoulder and an extremely painful spot ... Trigger point on the left side of my back ... And no physio has been able to help .. I have been stuck with needles( acupuncture) pummelled over a table for my back .. Been on a traction machine for my neck done exercises at home and no change .. Well actually over 23 years I have got older and stiffer... Finally physio wrote me off and in desperation my GP sent me to the pain clinic where I now get my trigger point injections ...I can now lie on my back to sleep and the migraines from the neck and shoulder muscles spasaming are under control.... If the specialist doesn't/ can't help its worth going back to your GP and ask if anything else can be done

Good luck

VG x


Hi Linda,

Don't worry about housework - the dust and muddles will still be there in a hundred years - but we won't be around to worry about it! :D

Can you pressgang someone else into doing your cleaning for you, or perhaps pay for an hour or two of domestic help now and again? Those who can manage this always feel so much better.

I hope you have a nice birthday, and that your grandaughter's cake is a success!

Moffy x


I suffer with neck, shoulder and left side pain from what specialist thinks is a trapped nerve the pain is way up there compared to my Fibro pain. Physio did nothing for me, I still do the exercises the PT gave me but apart from keeping me a little less stiff than the fibro makes me it does nothing for my neck/shoulder pain!

Don't over do it, enjoy yours and your granddaughter's Birthday :D xx


You could try some Bowen Therapy. It cleared my frozen shoulder in 4 sessions. And is lovely and relaxing to receive. I was so impressed with the results that I went on to train as a Bowen Therapist. You can find a therapist and more info at the European College of Bowen Studies. But also put a search into google for your area. The rest of your body will be compensating for them frozen shoulder, so yes it has a knock on effect. If you live in Durham you can get free Bowen treatment via your pain clinic and the Northern Integrated Health Practise.


Physio did no good for me too.Dislocated my both shoulders and had several ops on both still can't reach above my head otherwisemy shoulders dislocate and im in agony.But im still capable of working.Work voluntary for pdsa reached up to clean a wall in a kennel,and guess what shoulfer.dislocated,_ hours in A&E.


Soz meant to day 3 hrs in A&E.Jobcentre plud still think im able to do this type of work,lol.


Hi Linda i have been having problems for over 3 years now on both shoulders, it was put down to the fibro. but the pain got so bad i am unable to lift my arms the pain in my neck is constant. i have a lump on my muscle on my my left arm. after much moaning to my G.P because i just could not stand the pain any longer. i was sent for a scan. it has shown up rotator cuff on both shoulders. for which i now have been referred to see a trauma surgeon . hopefully to get it sorted so i can have a nice cup of tea without spilling it all down me. I also had physio Linda but the pain just got worse. so my advice to you is see if you can have a scan to find out what the problem is good luck xxxx


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