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I've recently been assessed at the Pain Management Clinic and wondered if anyone has any positive results from using this facility? Physio said she would work with me to stop my brain/body keep thinking it was high alert. It was time to reassure my brain/body that there is no threat anymore. Fibro certainly seems to be triggered by some serious stress. I have literally had stress since I was 5 so shes got her work cut out. My life reads like some OTT dramatic novel.

At the moment I am having a really c**p time with the pain. I seem to swear so much more as a result of the pain driving me nuts. I thought the summer months were supposed to help reduce the symptoms of fibro!

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Whilst fibro is most certainly not 'all in the mind' as some worthies have suggested, there's no doubt that the pain is very much worsened by stress and anxiety. Fear of pain which you may not yet have suffered is a very real problem.

If I have to go out somewhere, I find myself anticipating when it's going to start really hurting, and when I'm not going to be able to carry on, and I know that this sort of negative thinking makes everything worse.

I had some psychotherapy (CBT) for this reason, and it helped considerably in enabling me to cope with my pain levels, so go for it, you have nothing to lose, and hopefully everything to gain.

One word of warning - don't let the physio push you too hard - they are great people for making you go the extra mile, and that's just what we don't need!

As for the Summer, the warmer weather does help some people, especially those of us with arthritis, and it's always cheering to see the sun, but I don't think it makes a huge difference really.

Hope you feel better soon! :)

Moffy x


This is what confuses me with fibro .. I am one of the most laid back people ... I didnt use to be I admit but certainly for the last couple of years I don't stress and I still get flares... This is what makes me think there must be a physical reason for fibro ... I agree stress makes it worse as I used to stress greatly when I was working with fibro ... But it can't just be that alone ....please feel free to agree or disagree with me.. Would love to know what people think.

VG x


I'm positive that stress doesn't cause fibro. However, once you have fibro - or any pain for that matter - stress will inevitably make you feel very much worse.

When I was working full time, I was under a lot of pressure, and no amount of analgesics would touch the pain I felt in neck, shoulders, arms and knees.

I couldn't carry on, and when I did stop work, the pain didn't go, but I could cope with it much more easily.

Moffy x


Thanks for responses. Its so important to share our different observations and experiences of fibro. I shall try to think positively about how the Physio lady can help me.

Fibro still continues to completely baffle me.


I have been having regular physio & have started getting acupuncture at a local hospital & have to say that I think it has been a positive experience for me. I'm also having counselling too, so perhaps it's a combined effort, but the result is good. Although I've still got the all over pain,I'm beginning to get into a better sleep pattern, & I'm getting less stiff, painful neck & shoulders, which is where my physio says we keep our stress 'bottled up', so talking to someone, plus physio, plus acupuncture with an understanding physio seems to be the way forward. Also joining here I think will help too - finally being able to share with people who know what I'm going through!



I started my physio on Monday, I found it really good however I was very tired the next day!!!My pain is all over neck, shoulders, hips and knees. Does anyone here get swollen fingers or they feel tight?

Fibro is awful and can really change our lives.



Hi Janlou

It sounds as if we both suffer very similar fibro symptoms. My hands and feet both swell and its particularly bad in the morning. It takes at least a couple of hours before I really come to! They will have to inject my finger joints again as they are very painful and have started in clunk again. I feel like the tin man needing his joints oiled.

I hope your pain eases soon. Lets make the most of the sunny weather coming soon to top up our vitamin D levels and hopefully help ease our pain.



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