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I managed to get to my 9am physio appointment this morning! The Physio tried me with some normal crutches but I have a very poor grip so didn't get on with them. I suggested a pair of crutches that people with Arthritis use where you put all the weight through your forearm.I got on much better with these although I nearly had a catastrophe when she tried to get me to use the crutches alternately with my legs,it just wasn't happening! we settled on moving both crutches together then walking through.It does feel weird though. I've been put on the list for hydrotherapy and next week she is going to talk about pacing and give me some exercises.

The physio seems to think that I will be able to use one stick in the near future but I thought we only get 6 sessions and I told her that I can't grip so I'm not sure how we will achieve this!

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Amanda did your doctor get you an app with a physio, or your rheumy? I'm only asking because I've been waiting for 6 and a half months to be called back to my rheumy and I believe he will get me appointment like that, I mean recommend me or whatever, thanks, can you walk at all without your crutch? Sometimes I can walk a little, but I often fall or nearly fall, so that makes me scared, so I'm always saying I will buy one, my doctor does'nt give perscriptions for any crutches, his colleague told me, thank you good luck with the hydrotherapy, let us know how it went wont you? xxxx


I should explain also it's not just the action of walking that scares me it's my gait which my children say is all over the place and which they say is getting worse every day, also I get confused and dittehry, and look like I've escaped from the mental home when I'm out (accompanied), so maybe a crutch would make me feel more secure, thank you xxxxClaire xxx


Hi,My GP referred me to physio because my mobility had got so bad so fast.I can walk without crutches but VERY slowly and with very stiff legs,I feel like the tin man in Oz! I also feel scared when I walk and asked for the crutches for safety really.I've really got to remember to slow down with the crutches, I keep tripping over the ends!


Morning, glad to hear you have got physio sorted I've had 2 lots one via my GP which was 6 sessions and one via my Rhuemy which lasted about 4 months and until my mobility and pain levels improved. The second lot being worth every second of discomfort doing the excersies given (I still do them now just not as often as I should) my mobility has improved. Enormously and my pain has decreased as I'm now using the right muscles and joints. Good luck with yours :-)


A physio once asked me if I have an artificial leg! Apparently the way I walk made her think that. I currently use a walking stick but I think that needs to change, firstly because of the effect its having on my arm and possibly my back but also because I'm getting a lot of pain in my "good" knee. I'm not quite sure how I go about getting advice or who I need to see.

I went for a little walk along the seafront a couple of months ago and some old guy with a zimmer frame was moving twice as fast as I was!

Gook luck with the physio! xx


HI thanks for the comments.I think that the problem with Physios is

that they all seem to morph into the same person! an ultra efficient person who has the same way of speaking whoever they are lol!! I do worry about them sometimes as it's like trying to speak to a small child that you have to keep repeating the most basic of things to as they work through their set list of cures!!


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