Went to pain clinic yesterday !

The doctor was lovely and new alot about fm , it was a breath of freshair to speak with a doctor that communicated with me and understood everything iam going through , I was with him for an hr I feel like pinching myself to see if it really happenend. He said he wants me to start lyrica , so I pray it does something , he said its expensive that is why doctors dont try it sooner , anyone else on this med , hugs to all angie xx

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  • Hello broadband, so glad all went well for you at the Pain Clinic. I've heard of Lyrica but I don't know much about it and how it helps Fibro and pain! Maybe you could keep me posted after you have had your treatment and how you feel. All the best. Aisha x

  • I am on it three weeks now just started on a low dose but will be increasing next week. I'm phasing out Amitriptyline at night so will stop that when the Lyrica dose increases.

    The rheumy started me on it as my gp was not keen. The rheumy was so lovely though and explained everything to me and was so understanding and just LISTENED to me, which made me feel better.

    My GP is good but was beginning to make me feel like I was stuck with this pain and nothing could be done, I think in fairness it was just that he had gone as far as he could without a diagnosis from a rheumy....

    I haven't noticed a huge difference yet but I was told it will take a while.

    One thing I did notice was that I had a bit more energy but that caused me to over do it last week and now I am paying for it! Not sure if that was the Lyrica though or my good mood after seeing the rheumy..

    Best of luck let's know how you are doing and maybe we can compare, from what I can gather it is a miracle drug for some and just not suitable for others :-

  • Nice to hear that someone has a sympathetic GP! Would you like to add him to our list of 'fibro-friendly' medics? :)

    Moffy x

  • Hi x I will keep posted on how things go x mary let me know how it goes for you , gd luck x it does up lift you to speak to someone who really listens the consultant I seen is in bury lancashire x

  • Lycria (pregbalin) is a similar drug to the gabapentin it was first used to treat epilepsy, I take gabapentin and think they are good, so my guess is these will be equally as good, do hope they help you and you get o benefit gentle hugs to all ..Dee xx

  • I have been on gabapentin and Lyrica - I had to give both up as I was so spaced out like a drunk- but then I drive so that was important. I do think that this drug does work for people and funnily enough when I had side effects the doctor increased the dose and bizarrely it worked better and the side effects did seem to lessen. So good luck with it - give it good shot - I have heard it should be given a good 3 month trial but obviously I am not a doctor. I am on duloxetine and just going up to 120mg a day - if this doesn't work I will conside this class of drug again. Here's hoping to an easing of your symptoms x

  • Ty for replys xx iam a bit spaced out with them , but will continue trying them , just hope they ease the pain a little xxx hugs angie xx

  • I did't get on with lyrica either but I'm now on nortriptyline. I protested about being on them but have to admitt 2 months on I'm a lot better....I only take paracetamol with it as all other pain killers upset my system...I would't say the pain as gone but it's now bearable and I'm getting through the day a lot easier....and getting about 5 hour's unbroken sleep most night's.. which in it's self helps with pain control.... good luck..

  • Hi rosaann iam on notriptyline aswell , I dont know if its the wind and rain today but I have just come back from food shopping and im in alot of pain !! Hugs x

  • Hi there,I was prescribed lyrica about 3 or 4 years ago now.At the time it really did help with my fibromyalgia however they had to reduce my dose as I was really spaced out and kept having falls.The biggest downside is that it has made me put on weight.And I've found that as time has gone on Iam not sure that it is doing anything now as my fibromyalgia has gradually got worse again.Hope you find that it helps you x

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