Could low Oxulate diet help? Anyone tried this ?

I read in the paper about a female GP with FM who put herself on a low Oxulate diet and was much better. She had energy to do gardening and was pain free. Oxulate is naturally occuring in a lot of foods especially root vegetables like potatoes, carrots. I am still looking into it so dont want to say something thats wrong and mislead you. I'm giving it a try and will let you know how I get on. I went on the internet and did a search on low Oxulate diet and got a list of foods and if they have it.

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  • I read about this on here a few days ago so looked it up and realised that is what I eat I have been following it without realising.... Has it helped my fibro ..... I would say not at all cos am in pain and have no energy... But then I thought maybe I would be even worse than this and that doesn't bear thinking about so not going to try eating food that isn't low oxolate to find out the reason I am on this diet without realising it .." I don't really like eating ... Never have have often been told my diet has is boring if you give it a go please let us know if it helps you xx

  • Hi Martinaraply

    I read this from a link here too.

    I'm going to give it a try as I eat loads of fruits and all high oxalate foods. But it would be easy(relatively) to adapt some main meals I love like curry, bolognaise and chilli.

    Only problem is that I am lactose intolerant so will have to adapt.

    Don't intend starting for around 6 weeks, so after I have got a good list of foods that are low and my next visitors have gone,

    I do not notice that I get higher pain levels or stiffness after eating certain foods, only after exertion. But I will keep it in mind over the next month.

    I will do a weekly Blog here. Only willing to try as it won'k cost me loads. Like many others I have tried so many rubbish "cure alls" and wasted plenty of money.

    Are you going to try?

  • Yes will give it a try nothing to loose. Will let you know how I get on.

  • Hi Martinaraply

    daughter set me the cutting from the Mail. I have read and researched feel you must be careful - I have NASH as well as Fibro and so eating some foods does not help me. So I think I will avoid this one but I am trying rasberry Ketone as a slimming aid. Hope it works do keep us posted hugs gins x

  • For an explanation and info on Oxalate foods, click on the link below -

  • Thanks thats great.

  • Thanks so much. You have saved me loads of time. x

  • I cut out the article from the GP re. the low oxalate diet in last Tuesday's Daily Mail. I was very excited to read it and it seemed to describe me to a 'T'. I have been quite ill with M.E. and Fibro for a number of years, with some remissions, but right now am going through a very bad patch, with the pain in my arms and legs increased a lot. I have been trying to follow the low oxalate thing since last week...not much improvement yet, but then I realise that I'm most probably still eating foods that have oxalate..trial and error I guess. I'm going to persevere, but have also decided to add extra magnesium to my diet, as have heard recently from somebody with Fibro on Facebook that that has helped them considerably.

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