my forms have gone missing from ATOS AND DWP!!!!

I wrote a letter of complaint regarding my assessment carried out in January. Reason? The usual story of lies, and not documenting important and relevant things. I got a letter this morning from ATOS stating that they AND the DWP cannot locate my ESA50. They go on to say they will keep trying to track it down (!) but, they cannot continue their investigation without it. They asked me if I had a copy, and would I send it to them - but I haven't got a copy because I had no access to a photocopier at that time. Not sure where to go from here, it seems I have rattled their cage (medical evidence such as x-rays, rheumy reports etc) but they have retreated behind "we cannot investigate further" using the "missing" ESA50 as an excuse!!!!

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  • Hi

    I know it's no help now but you should always keep a copy and send anything to them via recorded delivery, then if they lose it the onus is on them. Also it is advised that you keep a copy to refer to if you have a medical or appeal, how incredibly frustrating for you, have they said what will happen now?

    Will they send out another ESA50? It makes you wonder how much lower they will stoop!

  • Unless I can send a copy (which I can't) the investigation is on hold. I originally sent it to ATOS before my assessment and I cannot believe that they did not scan it into their computer and the copy sent to DWP from ATOS has also gone missing! All I have is the nurses stupid report, which is what I based my complaint on. I do not see the relevance of the original form, I failed because I only got 6 points, but my medical reports and x rays make a compelling argument against some of the rubbish she put down, I am not sure what to do next. I will maybe phone the DWP and ask if they can send me a copy - and see if it actually missing or not!

  • I have heard this tale before. Wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them!! Ask them why it isn't on computer. I'm pretty sure that it should be. I know someone who this happened to and suddenly when she started questioning them, they ' found ' her notes. I believe that the DWP will stoop that low - I don't trust any of them at all.

  • ive just posted on another question about this! my forms went missing in march too and all of a sudden turned up! is this a new secret squirrel thing for them to do! lol! pretty sick if it is after reading i dont trust them either !

  • How do they know they have lost it? that data should be recorded on the DWP computer system, have they lost the server as well?

  • Contact your MP that should cause an even bigger storm. Also see if you have a local organisation/charity who will help.

    My friend has just received his appeal docs and the lies told by ATOS is amazing.

  • I found my local M.P to be as much help as a chocolate fireguard

  • What a bunch of incompetent numpties!

    Was there not a copy of it attached to your report? Hubby's was mixed in with his & I only spotted it about the second or third time I went through his paperwork, I'm sure there were also references made to comments from the ESA50 within the report as well.

  • hi,they lost three years bank statements!!! so sent them all off again...and wait for it when my claim [this was years ago] was finished what dropped thru the letter box ...the first pile of statements that were lost!!..followed by the second lot followed by the third lot that was the first lot they had photo copied!!! lol....on a more serious note if you want held please message me..i have just been awarde HRC and HRM...I was at the end of my tether after fighting since 2010..and this person took all stress and worry away...and got me my long awaited decission!! an angel in a suit!! xxx

  • This happened to me .I was lucky I had taken a copy of everything.Also now when I send them anything I always send recorded delivery.So I can track when it was delivered and even get the name of the person who signed for it.Once bitten as they say

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