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My contributions based ESA ran out 4th Jan (after the allowed 365 days) I've not been declared fit for work so what happens now?

I was retired on ill health grounds from the Fire Service, was on Incapacity Benefit for years until it was changer to ESA. After filling in an ESA50 then an assessment and subsequent appeal I was returned to ESA (contributions based ESA) after the allowed 365 days it has stopped. my health situation has not changed, (for the better that is), I filled in a second ESA50 in September which was received by ATOS and is waiting assessment. I contacted the DWP for information and was sent another form, I think it was an ESA3, to apply for ESA again after another assessment..... Question is what do I do till then, can't seem to get any info from the DWP other than it is being looked at and they will be in touch.

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Hello John1954,

Please may I suggest you email me as I can provide you with information which may be of help to you. Please see our information on our FibroAction website too.

Many members contact us and have reported the advice was of help.

You may also find this Factsheet from Disability Rights UK helpful, link below;

I look forward to hearing from you .

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


I wish you luck, I'm sure you will get good information from the links Mdaisy has given you. :-)

Foggy x


Iv had a similar thing happwn to me and am awaiting an appeal which has been going on a year now x


I would like to know what happens if your on contribution based for 365 days and haven't had a assessment yet


Hi, I know exactly how you feel!! my situation is quite similar. I got ill health retirement in 2009 from the civil service. I had ESA for one year, that stopped in April 2012. Since then I have had an ESA appeal and tribunal turned down. I am now waiting for a date for a DLA tribunal. I have also applied for PIP, and I'm waiting for a medical with Atos. So I've been without benefits for coming up to two years. I've found some help with the Warm Home discount where you can get money towards your utility bills with British Gas. They do a similar scheme with the utility companies. Trying to get an answer from the DWP is not very easy !! I rang the DWP and asked them how my PIP application was going, (I applied in September) and they told me to ring Atos to find out if I need to go for a medical !!! Isn't that their job. Think you need to be very strong and patient to cope with all this. So good luck with your benefits and if I can help you at all please feel free to drop me a line. Take Care, Liz x


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