Hi i was sent a medical questioner to fill in and send back by the 26th jan i sent it by special delivery so i could track it which i did and it arrived at 6.36am on the 26th jan signed for by person called #### but they stop my claim for esa ,even after i said i would give them the tracking number and a copy of my post office receipt i am now left dangling on string waiting for a decision from dwp. when they phoned me they said it could take two days still waiting .

Any one got any suggestions they would be most welcome.

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  • Your MP SORRY not sure with a try!! Regards Jan. X

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I would keep ringing them and try and ascertain what is happening? If that fails I would ask the CAB to intervene on your behalf as they may get more luck? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I have found that proof of posting does not mean they cannot still lose it in the system. However it can help you prove it at least got to the desk. I did learn that if you know what centre it goes to you can get them to fax it though from your local JSC. It means you have to book a logged appointment for this but it is all recorded so they cannot say they did not get it. I even got a receipt to prove it.

    But get your MP on it as it is your money they are losing.

  • I similar happen to me. Sent form and proofs by special delivery noted who signed for it and when but when I rang to confirm they received it I was told no. When I said who had signed for it and when and at what office I was told it takes a few days to get put onto the system. I told them I wanted notes to be put on my claim that if they have not confirmed receipt in a few days I would send them copies of everything including my postage proofs and would also be sending copies to my MP. I didnt have to do this as a few days later I had a text from them confirming they had received my form so I rang them to get confirmation. Took a lot longer to get assessed though. good luck Joolz.x

  • What an awful system we are all shoved unceremoniously through. It feels like they don't give a fig for any of us; we're just faceless numbers churning through their system.

    I have to be honest, I don't claim ESA as I am my sons carer, despite being disabled myself. He claimed ESA for the first time last summer and we had an advocate dealing with it with us. They not only assured no 'dodgy dealings' would be tolerated but everything would be recorded. My son never had to go for an assessment. The day after the 90 day waiting period (or something like that) he was awarded the support group. He's been on DLA since he was 18 months and is indefinite award now. Still dreading those pip forms arriving for him.

    I would highly recommend getting yourself an advocate who can contact the relevant personnel on your behalf and they know the system well. Takes so much of the stress out of the process.

    I hope they sort out your claim very soon and things improve swiftly.


  • A friend pointed me in the direction of a mobile unit of people that help with these problems. See if you have a 'Family Mosaic' drop-in support group

  • Hello glynbo,,, firstly somebody at a dwp office at 6.36 in the morning,,,working nights? and a readable name,,,they are deliberately dragging their feet,,, you have caught them out,,with the tracking,,,,are they trying to see the tracking report?,,,would you be better at printing off the report,,,then faxing it to them,,,after all it comes on headed paper...

    Keep ringing them up,,,if they wont accept the faxed copy,,,,,they have likely got your forms on somebody's desk and looking at it,,,,,regard them as sad little people trying to sound important,,and give their ego a boost,,,they really enjoy stopping a persons benefit and having stressed out,,,,,

    (they did it to me and I went to the local office and sat there playing hell on the phone with different people,,,,,got my money and my next payment the next day).

    Keep up the pressure and demand they send you the payment they owe you the next day,,,,they do have ways of making payments quickly,,,,,,good luck with your quest,,fingers are crossed ttfn from Karen.

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