I,ve done it after 20 years

Aha at last my OH understands my fibro fog.... He just phoned... When I finish work... What was it I had to get ... I can remember the shop just not the item ... Welcome to my world I said and had a good gloat before telling him he was bringing home teaspoons.... :D. Some may argue that living with me has driven him to this state ...but it really felt good to be the one remembering for a change.....

VG x

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  • I had a very similar experience!

    Let me tell you about it - I ... I'll get back to you when it comes to me!

  • Haha, if my OH drops something i gloat as i am always dropping everything. He says he is worse when hed had a weekend off, he says he goes back to work on monday dropping things and getting muddled and confused and he says thats cos hes spent too much time eith me....cheeky!!!! xx

  • mine said to me" i dont know! you are always losing things, i got you another of those thingies" !???think its catching, x

  • Lol sounds like my oh. Bless him though, he doesn't laugh as much as someone else would. I think he feels my frustration - either that or he knows better haha

  • in our house people have got use to me saying things wrong, at the moment i tell them to put the dishes and that into the tumble dryer, and they understand me, i can't understand me, but everyone else can.lol

  • My OH woke up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and started groaning 'Everything hurts' was his response when I'd asked what was wrong.........I must admit that I didn't have an ounce of sympathy for him, I simply laughted heartily and said 'Welcome to my world!' Thankfully from his little episode he actually did get a tiny bit of comprehension of everything hurting and having the inability to make it stop. Thankfully his 'weary corpse' has made a full recovery, but he hasn't forgotten those few hours. ;-)

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