Yesterday I felt I was being looked after I have found a gardener - how

wonderful :) I am dubious as to how many talents he has (in the garden VG) but he says he will try anything (yipee) so I intend to teach him about weeds. Nothing better that getting down to the soil!

Actually if he only manages the lawn and the hedges I will be happy the weeds can come later :) He wants to use all our gardening tools so better check the shed today - goes of skipping into the garden ~~~~~~~~ xgins Oh for tomorrow :)

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  • Thinks Lady Chatterly and goes for a lie down all flushed and flustered..... I shall be waiting updates. With interest Gins :)

    VG x

  • I can foresee a new best-seller in the book lists "Lady Gins's Gardener" :D

    Moffy x

    PS has your gardener got a good-looking brother? :P

  • moffy that title is so not appropriate I read it as Gins lady garden .... Please choose another title immediately. Find my glasses and then wash my mind out with soap : x

  • Can you get brain soap? I suppose it's like shower gel - but brainier! :D

  • PS the new, more genteel title could be "The Lady, the Gardener and lots of Gin"

  • But who is the lady :P

  • Not me - that's for sure! :D

  • Love that title cant wait to read it . Nudge nudge

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