I,ve found something I can do now just need hiring

My OH announced last night he has been watching me... Once he had assured me he wasn't in training to be a stalker and we got back on to normal conversation he says I get up and walk towards the doorway but as I walk I don't stay in a straight line I veer to the left or right and end up hitting the doorframe... Is this fibro... Is it my arthritis, is it balance ... I do have an eardrum that perforates regularly. Anyway upshot of this is... I have found the perfect way to supplement my income ... I stagger cant walk straight and have fibro fog... I need to be a film extra in those b rate zombie movies... Little fake blood and I can stagger around mumbling brains... Only one word even my fibro foged brain can cope with that....

Fame and fortune , maybe even an Oscar.... A star on the pave ment in Hollywood ...

Staggers off mumbling Brian ..... No no no. BRAINS. ...... Gahhhhh


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  • I think I'd make an excellent bed tester . ..... It's about all I'm fit for these days .

  • ;-) x

  • I think id make a,excellent clown.has spend alot of time falling over,and making people laugh.xx

  • My OH said I looked like a mud wrestler after staggering about trying to put bulbs in the very wet garden ;-) Jane x

  • I'm going in for a Tina Turner impressionist. Well, I can do the walk, anyway ... xx

  • Thank you all so much for making me laugh today. It's been a long time xx

  • Me too - you made me smile, even if it was rather a wry one! I do this too - if I'm walking along a narrow corridor I bounce off the side walls ...

  • my hubby says i veer of to the right! I too would have to be a memory foam mattress tester a job I could do from home if they supplied a new mattress every week!

  • Hi, what is a OH? Sorry for ignorance heheh fibro fog and brain dead!! When I get tired I wander around! Not knowing where I am or what I need! I fell over the kids play table at the docs last week, its only been there 4 years xx

  • Hi jomple sorry for giggling at your post it's not nice when we do it in public.... Hope you are ok.... On the positive the best place to have a fall is at the gps...OH means other half be it husband or partner... Just saves time on typing... I have only been here a month but I am picking up the abbreviations slowly but surely... I think I did know more but I forgot them

    VG x

  • i do that often i aslo have scoliosis so i am slightly twistwed anyway, doorframes, tables bashing on my hips i thought my spacial awareness was just crap, and i alway spill a tiny bit of my tea when im putting the cup down, and today my fingers are hurting my wrist as i type!!

    my new side line is i make and do hula hoop workshops at festivals or parties as hooping is low impact and is actually very relaxing the hoop feels like it massages my bk, i also do fire damcing and eating which again are low impact floaty movements though lately my fire fans have been a bit heavy. i learned now not to join in with the kids doing gymnastics and show off as i was a county squad gymnast and can still do some of the moves i just pay for it!!! silly me! im hypermobile apparantly makes it hard to know when i have moved to much!!! well i hope fibrozombies from mars goes well, and hope u and the doorframe stop meeting!!! hugs Tink

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