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work and rights

I have been off work since sept i want to go back but cant do what i did before as its standing heavy lifting ect in a hotel. resturant. My manager was off with me untill i asked her has she actually looked online at the info i gave her so she has better idea. She has not and said go in for a chat and see what options i have. What gets me is im being made out to be lying yet she could not be bothered to even look at what fibro is and how it affects people.

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It sounds like she has looked but does not want to let on as it puts her in an awkward position. She has to figure out what to do with you now, make you redundant or put you on reception.


they wont ut me on reception as i have asked before. thing is i am not handing my notice in. i no what there like a man works there with heart probs was off 7 months they trying to get him out x


As you have a chronic health condition, you do come under what was the disability discrimination act and is now the Equalities Act. Your work has to make reasonable adjustments to try to get you back to work or a damned good reason why they can't as you could take them to court. With me, they reduced my hours, changed my office location to nearer home, changed my work area and I had a desk assessment and new equipment. If you need help with providing other equipment or even a support worker, you can speak to the disability adviser at the job centre about an access to work grant. I know people that have had thousands through the grant to work.

I am not an expert in this so may be worth speaking to CAB or DIAL, etc

Good luck



oh thanks will have a look. xx


Hello Sharne,

Please can I provide you with this link to FibroAction about Work & Fibro that may be of help

Also if you would like to print the downloadable Factsheets to take into your employer please feel free via the link below. Could you ask your GP to write a letter to confirm your diagnosis, symptoms and explaining you limited capabilities at work?

Here's the link for the Factsheets

Good advice from Jom277 about CAB & DIAL , they will be able to advise you the best way to address the situation.

Best Wishes



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