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No Backdated if you were on DLA and waiting for decision on PIP Award

well although i have read that you get all the money backdated it is NOT so if you were on DLA at any level you will not be backdated PIP as to when you put the forms in. They say you can not claim DLA and PIP together so the new PIP will only pay from the date of your new award so as the saying goes DONT beleive everything you are told or read about and the ESA money should you be awarded the not fit for work award will only pay the extra from the 14th week onwards

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Hello Tasha2,

I'm afraid I cannot comment on this scenario as I haven't heard or read anything about the change over & issues with not getting backdated money between DLA stopping & PIP starting. You might be able to find others who experienced the same on Forums who discuss Benefits.

Thank You for the information as this is very helpful to others who will be transferring to PIP this year. I found this Benefits & Work link about PIP;

It mentions that after the 23rd February 2015 anyone who claims a DLA change in circumstances will be assessed as PIP. So this might be something that can be used to ensure you don't have missed months? I think emailing Benefits & Work or Turn2us in fact any Benefit related websites to clarify about the change over, as you used to be able to request forms 6 weeks before benefit was up for renewal, but if you cannot claim PIP at the same time this is a problem!

I will try & find out some more information and if you see anything else please do comment

Thank You once again

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


I would be amazed if they did pay both benefits together as they are both for the same thing. While there should not be a gap between a claim for DLA and a claim for PIP there should not be an overlap either. I have never received DLA and had to wait more than a year and go through a tribunal and months and months of stress just to get standard rate PIP, so I for one would be annoyed if both benefits were being paid at the same time. I hate the fact that I can no longer work and have to rely on benefits, as many of us do.

As for ESA it has always been that extra money for being in the support group will only be paid from week 14, although many claimants, including myself have had to wait many more months to actually be assessed. While the extra money is very handy it in no way comes close to what I was earning when I was able to work, and having to wait 8 months to get it has made things very difficult and stressful.


Hello Lruk,

I'm sure they won't pay both at the same time but they used to say you could ask for your date it is due renewal and put that on a form you had asked for before your DLA is finished. Don't quote me but I vaguely seem to remember hearing this, whether it is different as it's 2 different benefits I don't know. Like I say an email for advice might be able to shed light on this scenario.

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


I am so sorry to read that. I am not on any benefits so I do not really know how they are paid. I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

Good luck



well after a long hard fight the letter came this morning...

i didn't have to endure a medical or home visit after i got a letter from doctor to confirm wot they already know and have done for years lol...

moderately server copd/emphysema with depression and the lovely panic attacks that come as standard with anxiety....

so the 3 year award is enhanced care & again standard mobility which i had under the old dla system.

so a wee upgrade to enhanced care is brill plus the standard mobility is great as i will get bus pass again without going down the mental health route ie depression.

i hope everyone is as lucky with there pip as i have been.

i was on low rate mobility under dla so im not sure i will get anything back dated from may 2014 & my old dla was up in oct 2014 but they paid that out till the award of pip so not sure although i believe my esa will go up so need to wait & see.


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