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I have had a diagnosis of fibromalgia for 20 years. I also have most of the conditions that go hand in hand with fibro. I get high rate of DLA both parts which runs out in May. Today I received the dreaded brown envelope saying I now have to apply for PIP. Any advice on filling in the forms when they arrive would be most appreciated. Also I know there is a website ,benefits and work.co.uk, but they charge to be a member and for guides for filling in the forms. Does anyone have any experience of this site are they worth joining? I'm so worried about the change and the number of applications that are detected as I really don't know how I will afford to live without my ESA being bolstered by DLA

Thanks for any and all suggestions

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  • Hi looby - can't help re PIP but I do get ESA. Just wanted to wish you all the best. There will be plenty here who can help. My year on ESA will be up in April and I'm presuming they'll want to reassess me. IDS and Co are despicable.

  • Hi there

    The best advice I can give you is to find a Disability Advocate to help you fill the forms in and come to any assessments with you. You should be able to find one by Googling one for your area.

    You need to go by your worst day on the form with everything. You also need to have as much paperwork as you can to go with the form backing up what you are saying.

    Don't do anything with the form until you have found yourself a dedicated Disability Advocate.

    I personally have not used the benefits and work myself but I have seen many people on the forum saying how helpful the information is. I am not certain, but I believe that it may be around £20 to join. Not much really when you put into perspective what you could lose.

    I personally wouldn't use the CAB. They don't have the necessary funding and would rarely have anyone available to come with you to an assessment.

    Easy for me to say, but try to keep calm and take each day one step at a time.

    Good luck

    All the very best. Lu xx

  • Benefits and work charge a yearly sub of about twenty pound although sometimes reduced offer price which gives you full access to all their brilliant step by step guides for each question in forms pip and esa have helped many people plus the forum to ask questions.

  • I had disability guy get in touch with pip for me they came to my house

    He did it call

  • I've had my letter in too, and I didn't join the forum either because they charge, I filled my form in as though I had my worst day ever, I was also advised by one of the gentleman on the phone to get as much info as you can on who you saw and when etc, for this I have requested my medical files for the last 10 years. When I was diagnosed, who by, what specialists I've seen. If you do this you may be able to avoid the dreaded medical! Unfortunately I didn't think of this till after so I will be armed with all my info at the medical. If you go to medical they will always ask you if your condition has worsened, if you say yes it's game over, if you say no you are always like this but maybe have a few new symptoms they will look favourably on you for this, never say YES ITS WORSE THAN BEFORE! Good luck, my medical is on 13th and I'm already so stressed I can hardly move!. The last guy I had was a dr and he told them it was all in my head! My husband wants to lamp him one still! Good luck.xx

  • I have had my pip assessment and just got a point under,each component,so that I had to give my car up,so I too am asking for the assessors notes,to see which one(assessor or decision maker),decided I could do something,that I clearly said,I'm not able to.I'm going to go to tribunal and am so anxious,and going to ask Dr to send all my medical notes too.hope everything goes in your favour sweetie. X

  • There are options out there for help with forms and applying for PIP. FMA UK have a dedicated benefits helpline and I have pasted you a link below to this:


    You could approach your local Citizens Advice Bureau as they usually have a benefits section. Or you could approach your local council who should have a relevant department for help such as Adult Social Services or Occupational Therapy.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your claim.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • My advice would be go to your local money advice center and get a lawyer to fill in your application.

    They no exactly what to write and are ready to appeal for you if you get refused.

    Good luck

  • I have been a member of the above mentioned site for many years . The information they have and knowledge is worth every penny of the membership fee. I fully recommend you join before you go any further. Good luck

  • If you would like, I have some guides for applying to PIP and ESA and can send them over (send me a message). the main thing I would say is, if you have worse days, definitely mention how frequent they are (you only get awarded points if it's like that over 50% of the time). Plus, if you can't do something regularly and repeatedly, then you can say you can't really do it. For example "can you cook"... If you can do it but then feel super tired and exhausted afterwards and can't do anything else.. Then that means you can't cook reliably and repeatedly. So you have to mention all side effects too.

  • Thanks to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to help. All yor advice is gratefully received x

  • I joined the welfare and benefits site they were worth every penny for £20. I had been on low carers for years and was refused any more then I asked for reconsideration using information from this site. They advise you on how to word your replies and the fact that the forms are multiple choice, but many boxes may be applicable to you. They advise you well. I was given top rate of both.

  • Hello loobyloopy,,,I understand the fear when these forms land on the mat,,,,,my first hint is to gather all your information and medication details,,,and get them in order,,,, fill in page 1,,,and the read each page slowly,,and practise if you are not surem of what and how you want to write your information,,,this makes it more positive when put on the form,,,,,don't panic and get a brew and keep calm,,,read and think out your replies,,, I have not looked at the place you have been on for help,,,,my dreaded pip forms have yet to arrive for me,,,,but they will,,,,

    As for the esa,,,mine is currently £2.53 per week,,,as I have told them the figures they quote for the both dla figures are wrong,(£97.15) ,,been going on for the last three years,,cannot wait for the new one which is due to arrive soon,,,, I have dla high rate for my motability car,,,which is vital to me,,,and my care is on middle rate,,,which as you have said is vital,,,,it makes me sick and sad when people have had these benefits stopped and they are left helpless and stranded at home,,,,and being told they are not disabled enough,,,with a false leg,,,do me a favour,,,where do these dwp/atos/who ever come from,,,,,And as I have read in previous places,,,write as your Worst Day,,and how things are,,,and don't do anything that you cannot do,,,they have to see you as the bad days make you feel and have to manage your conditions,,,please take it steady,,,,ttfn from Karen.

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