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Hi guys I'm confused I've just taken delivery last week of the DLA renewal claim and I've noticed some people talking about PIP,I know this is the new name for the DLA but when does this come into force? My DLA is up in Nov and obviously the forms need to be filled in,will this mean I will be given new PIP forms to fill in aswell when this comes into force! I live in Scotland,has it come into force in England yet? Thanx! Jackiex

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That is indeded the question ... I know someone who was told in April,they could not apply for DLA as pip was coming in then on June 10 th there was the big announcement that PIP had started and I still haven't come across anyone who has filled in a PIP form, yet .......its all been DLA if you have been sent DLA renewal,pack then you will be assesed as DLA and if you get an indefinite award that means you won't be reassessed until October 2015 ... Unfortunately by then it will be general election time so who knows what will happen then .. So just fill it in as normal and don't worry about it. :)

VG x


Hey VG thank you for your reply,started it last night,hopefully get it finished in next couple of days! Hugs Jackiex


Hello Jackie,

As far as I am aware here in England all new claims are now PIP and most other DLA situations are only appealing a previous decision. As VG says they has seemed to be some misunderstandings and miscommunications through the changes in the welfare reform !

Here is a link to Disability Rights UK which may be of help

Also if you would like to email me at , I can email you the Benefits & Work Guide to PIP

Hope this helps

Emma :)


Hi Emma thank you for correspondence,it's very much appreciated! Hugs Jackiex


Hi im still on dla. Ive just reaplyed and its still dla. I. In cornwall..a benifits adviser told me thw pip is well behind and could be another two yrs before i have to aply...ri g the council ask for benifits advisor. Mine sent me a pack telling me about it and the points system....good luck.


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