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just wanted to share this with you

I have a gorgous grandson who lives with my son and his wife in hong kong. he is eight months. i was talking to him and my son on skype when my " year old grandaughter came in she started chatting away on skype like it was an everyday thing. Which to the young it is then i realised how wonderfull computers are and how much it helps in our world. so happy to have found this site, and all the friens who are there when i need help so thankyou to you all for your support.

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Oh bless you Webby, yes skype is a wonderful thing for us who have family overseas, our daughter and her Husband and my Sister and children live in USA.

And yes we are blessed to have a wonderful caring site.

Special Hugs x x x


Webby, I have a son who lives in Australia with his girlfriend and it's Skype that has kept me going these past few months. I would love his bear hug through these tough times but I will have to wait til he comes back for a visit next year. I've lost many friends through these illnesses but sites like this means I have a family of friends who will give me the support I need.

Much love

Angie xx


Hello Webby, so lovely to read your refreshing message, thank you! :) You are blessed with a lovely Grandson and although he is thousands of miles away you can see him while you talk to him, what a blessing! :)

It's a pleasure to have you here amongst us and we are thrilled that you love it here. Our lovely forum is a place for friendship, advice and support, which we all need with our condition. It's lovely to feel that we aren't alone, that someone out there understands how we are feeling with our Fibro and related conditions. I know at the beginning it really helped me in the days before my diagnosis when I thought I was going mad not knowing what was wrong with me. It's also a blessing for me to be able to channel something back and hopefully help others during the early times of disbelief and having to adjust etc. I hope you continue to enjoy being here for a long time Webby, have fun and enjoy the support and friendship too! :) :)


So true this forum so friendly and caring.


We live in good times, just our government that is c***.

So glad you can see your family and chat.and yes this site is the dogs dodah lol

Soft hugs xxx



aww lv,where all blessed on here xxxxxxxxxxxx


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