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Just thought i would post a MASSIVE HUMONGOLUS THANK YOU ...............X

ok so i put on a blog early hours this morning as i felt so unwell and was having chest and back pains, my jaw was herendous and my arms were so weak but my right was bad.

i felt very nauseaus dizzy out of sorts, very very exhuasted and tired although there is


it was nothing serious phew so am still able to fly around a little well an incy bit as still not feeling well .

Thinks bad muscle spasms just like i ahve in my neck and i get in different areas,

however i not sure i agree due to how it felt to me and what on earth as it to do with jaw, arm, chest back cold sweats, feeling like flu

to be very rudely awoken with jaw shooting on my right side and the central chest and upper back and right arm etc etc.

scared me to death i think i must of provoked a little panic in myself .

But i just want to thank each and everyone for giving me such support i could not ask for better fm friends around its utterly overwhelming and so softly huggable friendly.

I ahve been told by Dr if i feel any worse to go straight back or A&E and not to hesitate!!

although thinks a virus am starting with and rest which is not good at all as short staffed and my finances cannot afford it so i will have to go help tomoro (my hubby is so mad at me for even contemplating going)

well shall see as i only stay home if i am confined to the bed and if i can manage to get out get dressed and get in car thats me out and off. my own stupid fault for the job i do!

Bless you all with my fairy gentle hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx caroline

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So glad you've been reassured, Caroline - but you should take it easy for a bit - even if it's just a day or two.

Your husband will have to tie you to the sofa, so that you have to relax!

I'm sure you won't take any notice, so just be careful, and look after yourself! :)

Moffy x


Oh thank goodness for that I kept checking your other thread and no post... I think you scared us all half to death... Now do as your lovely OH says and stay at home and look after yourself.... Wags buts....

Relieved VG x


Takes off her worry head - phew, I'm in total agreement with VG and moffy, and am so so pleased to hear that you have taken our advice and got it checked out, Knowing that you have been to told to go to A&E if it happens again is absolutely right. Your hubby is absolutely right, there is reason at all why you should put yourself under the pressure of work right now, your health is worth far far more than that,, you must give yourself a good talking to about not getting into your car and dashing around, I understand because I have done exactly the same thing myself and on more than one occasion with quite frightening outcome. So do please take it easy and give your body the best chance to heal. Sending gentle hugs your way, Foggy xx


LOL LOL ohh you make me giggle waves finger they tried to make me reeeelax but i said no no no ...ohhh deary me :-/

You are a fab lot truly you are :-) Thanks moffy and VG

I will just drive tomoro as no choice in matter really unless go without any money and its end of month and i ahve so much to pay out its unreal.

I scared me half to death too when woken up at 3am that way i would say what i said but it is not aloud haahaahhah xxx

got a lovely big smile from ear to ear as stiff as it feels and group hugs.

my eyes are roooollling rooling rolling as so tired, so doubt i be around long.

hubby cooking some fish n mash (just as well since i seem to have to mush mine up just to swallow)

do you have any of these issues?

xxxx cazzie -caroline



Hi Fairycuddles

what a lil minx you can be , it was meant to be me getting into mischief , pah

i have managed to inflame my knee again so guess standing on 1 leg is too ambitous :(

so glad it has turned out ok but please be careful as we love seeing your posts and your brilliant advice

take care , big warm hugs xx


You little rebel going against everyones advice.....but serioulsy hunni, in reality a lot of people cant afford to be ill, wether its through missing work or battling the system, fighting for a pittance of benefits! If you must work then please take it easy at home, you sound like you have a lovely hubby, and im sure he will jump at the chance to take over the reins while you rest at home...please take care and let us know how you are getting on....Charlii xx


Hi all Thanks

so sorry am not feeling it all at minute so shall get some sleep in and be on board tomoro sometime fingers crossed .

i had to check emails for work and these came at me lol ohhh how lovely everyone is

canot believe how things can hit you so much .

i tempted fate its my own fault as i said that i was stable as much as little things but said ohh am just waiting something else to happen and by gum i feel so unwell and my body and head is not me at all i can barely walk at all in straight line at minute heads here there evvreywhere.

iris your 'inflamatin need of rest too'! (inflamation lol) ohh you knows what i mean hahaha

love ya lots like fibro tots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

to all of you too your all the best ever ever xxxxxxx


Sooooooooooo pleased you are feelin better you had us all so woried n we can all relax - treat yourself with care today dont get cold stay snuggly and you will get better and better xgins


Aww gins your a gem

I know it scared me too altho not convinced as it knocked hell out of me

I had a neighbour call round then my staff called in as needed things and everyone said i looked like death!

I somehow do not feel happy with muscle spasms in stomache can cause what i had it does not add up and reading on it too some how i cannot find a connection.

I had no acid at all so no idea why she said it was that as if i had indigestion ??

I have had IBS & GI probs for 25 yrs i just not convinced this was scarey xxxxxxx


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