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Just thought I would share this and my funny afternoon :-)

Last Monday I decided to have all my hair cut off because it was almost to my waist and took me ages to wash and I could not brush it or put it up in a scrunchy!!....

Well my daughter knew I couldn't go to a shop with not being able to walk etc: So she found me a mobile hairdresser who came out on monday,I was not too good as my Physio had overdone it....Well she dampened my hair with a spray bottle and hacked off the length. I had shown her a photo on the computer and it was to be just below my chin...I ought to say here I had my own hairdressers for 20 years,so knew just what I wanted.

To cut a long story short (no pun intended ) she ended up level with middle of my ear and as if it was cut with a knife and fork...and to add insult to injury it cost £30....

Now my daughter came over next day to try to sort it out and one side was just on the earlobe and the other was as I said middle of my ear. She said look mum a friend of mine could come round on saturday and try to fix it!! Now the fun began ;-)

Friday afternoon my daughter arrived and said mum lets colour your hair Red and White for Xmas cheer you up. ( I used to colour my hair pink or purple when I was well up to last year ) She put the platinam on my hair and when it needed washing off realized I could not lean over the she got my computer chair and I sat on that and she pumped it up so I could lean over. Jugs f water later I was soaked and we were in fits of giggles :-) :-) My husband found me some new dry clothes and helped me change!!

Then she dried my hair and put on the red as an under layer so the top layers were white and the underneath red....Cling film was needed to make the red soak in.....she put the roll from my left ear round my head aand round again ...I was muffling saying I can't breath 'she had completly covered my head inc; my face mouth and nose ..well both Kelly and my husband were in hysterics laughing, and I was trying hard not to laugh too much as the cling film was now clinging ' They pulled it off still pealing with laughter. :-)

When the time was up she said lets try with you leaning over the bath this time...So up I go on my chair lift ,sit on a leg stool and lean over the bath. Now my bathroom is very small .... Kelly turned on the shower,and then said Oh I need to get over that side so she squeezed by...I let out a yell as it was too hot and she had gloves to turn it down she put one leg over me bent over the bath,nearly squashing me and in fits of laughter. Got back over ...I yelled !! it was to cold over me again ,and this time she got stuck one leg one side of me one the other and collapsing in giggles...eventually she got the tempreture right and rinsed my hair . I said " Kells I am a bit wet " and she said one more min its prob just a little on your jumper......She got me up got a towel and dried my hair and I said "Oh no look " well my left side of my jumper was soaked to the skin and my trousers and nics....and yes she was still giggerling....and for the second time my husband had to find me some dry clothes. :-)

My hair did turn out Ok so that was something,i ache'd all over but was glad of the laugh:-)

Saturday morning her friend arrived and sorted out my hair I now have a bright pink and white pixie cut and it looks amazing :-)

Hope you are all well and safe from all this flooding x

Gentle hugs

Rainbow x

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I'm so glad there's a happy ending to this tale. Well done for being positive - where our hair is concerned women are pretty delicate!!! I did something similar 6 weeks before we got married... went into have a bob (from waist length hair) & ended up with a pixie cut several hair dressers later! I cried for days!! It's not as if a bob is THAT difficult really...

Hope you have a very happy Christmas with your seasonally coloured hair! xx


ohhh Rainbow sounds fun but not so fun for what the woman had done to you in the 1st place? but you took it all very well especially when down to your waist!

my 12 yr old tried cutting her own and dad tried to mend it, she ended up at hairdressers with a style short on one side and long at other past her cheek ohhh the shock onmy face lol

you have added colour like your name so think this is fab are you on FB if you are please add me we have the same kind of fun in my house too and used to have the same fun wiht my Anty god rest her soul i used to colour her hair and it went orange once i literaly sh*t myself thinking omg omg what to do she asked what does it look like i said ohhh its fiiiiiine you will look great..not realising that you have to let it go through this phase to strip it so we washed it off she looked yellow hahaah.

that was the 1st time i did it .. i ws the one who helped most with their hair and i did my boys and hubby (not a hairdresser either)

Now my little beuatiful cuzin helps out here and there.

you can make so much fun out of such silly things and so happy it made you smile and cheered up your sunday and am sure hubby had no problems with twice needing to dress you ;-D hahaahahah



I am so disappointed that we don't have a picture to go with the story - your new style sounds amazing! I hope that you have fully recovered from the experience - you are not related to VeryGrumpy by any chance are you?! It sounds like a story from her house ;-) Jane x


I could picture all of this and you made me laugh when I did not actually have the energy too(see latest blog)so I thank you for making me laugh lol, it has cheered me up no end xxxxx


I am so glad you now look wonderful for christmas and you are happy with it :) what a giggle wonderful bless you Happy Christmas Pixie


I always sign off sorry hugs xgins


Thanks everyone I went to my daughters birthday party on Indie and had a great evening. the people who asked about facebook yes I am on there but I do not talk about my fibro etc on there I also have a page on FB. If you go to Dawn E Bloom you will find me, and my page is Especially for you ...I also don,t use my user name from here on FB. Silly really but I feel I can talk freely on here as at times it is hard going,and my family are not very understanding. But be great to chat to you guys.

gentle Hugs ( < > )

Rainbow x x x


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