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Rudely awoken at 3am with chest and back pain & my jaw wow Huh


How can something like that wake up thats so rude but scarey i just laid with eyes open thinking please go away!! Lasted only a minute or 2 felt forever then felt really really sick and sweating went to wipe my head with right arm which has been bothering me even more since last night and it hurt too much to wipe my head so got up eventually, gone down glass water just stood looking at my doggy but not feeling myself , so come back upstairs and sat up in bed with burning inside my stomache


I did not feel good last night felt like i full of it aching my neck my burning jaw the horrible feeling in my right arm tingling more in fingers and pain in thumb back of hand, my heart felt like going to jump out and run off and leave me, felt very very tired , almost sleep typing last night , i felt so unwell my head not felt my own at all kept losing balance and my hubby could see it i had to get fresh air for 5 mins as felt so rough.

Why do i punish myself and carry on playing online why not go lie down , guess feels am giving in lol

Think its not too bad now had a painkiller and glass of water and now

Hubby made chicken in a bag in garlic and herb sauce so i had that then decided still not feeling good and came to bed and then woken up at 3

Still feel a little yucky but it was a bit scarey .

Well its over an hour since it happend so off back to sleep as think its settled now ..

Just thought i would share and if anyone else has been woken like this how did it make you feel too .

Xxxsweet dreams xxxx caroline

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Never had that feeling but sounds really scary. I would get it checked out immediately if if carries on. Hope you are better soon.

Take care

I have a jaw that locks and it's painful it's not to bad at the moment but I had a scary moment a few day's ago when I couldn't move from waist down and I went pins and right arm is worrying me to its so painful and I can't move it with the pain..even sending a text or spraying perfume is agony and I don't have the strength to push it.good luck hope you feel better soon


That feeling is NOT fibro get yourself to an a and e and get checked do not mention fibro to them so that you are not brushed aside and get examined throughly you could have arterial fib or even have had a mini stroke as I did and was not aware of it until years later promise me you will have this checked urgently petal

Oh my please tell me you have gone to A&E these are classic symptoms that must be checked out. I wish you all the best and truly hope this is not what it potentially dounds like but please do not ignore these symptoms. X

Morning please please please do go get yourself checked and let us know you are ok love xgins


Cazzie that does not sound right that all. Please get to your GP if you haven't already as I am late today... Waiting anxiously to hear from you

VG xxx

Caroline, when ever it is relating to chest pain that causes the symptoms you described, you definitely need to get checked out...I agree with all the comments made can never be too cautious and we always put it down to the fibro but if we didn't have it then we would automatically go to A & E or GP. Let us know how u get on...gentle hugs and best wishes...Caz xxx

Hi Cazzie, just from my email notification of your posting I was really really concerned, these are symptoms hitch most definately should be given very fast investigation, please, if you haven't already done so, get yourself an appt at the drs and failing that go to A&E . We are all worried for you so please do go and gets yourself checked out as soon as possible. Sending gentle hugs and a very gentle push to go and get things investigated.

Muchly Foggy xx

This could be a serious warning my friend. Please seek medical advice asap xxx

Hi Caroline I agree with the others always get your self checked out. I have chest pain and a tightness under my bust which is always there. I had a number of tests at the heart, chest clinic and there was nothing wrong. It is the fibro and I have to do exercises daily to try and loosen it. They do not work too well though. I hope you get it sorted. x

Hi everyone to each and everyone and Thanks so much for your replies!

sorry not got back sooner! i did try post from my mobile but it never sent so sorry for suspense, but atleast nothing serious!

went to Dr this morning had to sit n wait over 2 half hours!!!

to be told hmmm i dont think its your heart but

its muscle spasms (relief of course) although am not entirely convinced i guess

Blood pressure check


ahhh throat a bit sore she said

although i do not feel that sore must be all meds am on

back checked

laid on bed stomache checked and nearly hit through roof in 3 places all where my Titanium is which am tender anyways but never knew that much i hurt.

had trouble swallowing too really difficult to get food down.

Said something about my oesaphagus

and because of my nerves

great weakness in my arms especially the right arm

said thinks i am coming down with a virus! ?!

as i felt so flu like before i even went to bed and so out of sorts and unwell and feel sick and dizzy off balance

told me if i feel any worse to go straight back or go to A&E

gave me Ranitidine along side the lansoperazole i take to ease the spasms

i had to lift my legs onto the bed as could not get them on easy enough and she helped me off the bed so was nice as usually they just leave you to do it yourself.

So not so bad i just feel extremely tired and exhausted and unwell at minute.

I want to thank you all i cannot remember all the names above i will forget as am typing just like i can not remember everything dr said either and i told the Dr that i was worried as you never know with chest pains regardless how long they are there for it was not nice i had cold sweats and could not move my right arm but i think usually if any sort of heart attack issues it is your left arm, however what i have read before coming on here there is so many who ahve had heart attacks and was the jaw that woke them which is what was with me.

i want to give you all such a lovely thoughtfull fairy huggle and i really am thank full and i love this site so much as i like to be here too to offer support but end of day those of us who even help others are sufferes too so understand the concerns that go on when your unsure of something.

i ahd night mare after nightmare once i fell back asleep for what little i got.

Atleast i did not get my bottom checked out again phew!!! for the muscles.

lots of love cazzie - caroline what ever you wish to call me.xxxxxxxxxxxx so just spasms ppl

Remember, Fibromyalgics can have heart attacks too! Don't assume everything is Fibro. I was a Cardiology Technologist before I was struck with FM. Women have just as many heart attacks as men. I saw every heart attack and angina patient that came into Emerg on my watch. They are mostly men. Do you know why?? Women don't have time for heart attacks! They get subtle and strange symptoms. Feel like they have the flu. Usually back and jaw pain, and they write it off because it passed. They are too busy to go to a hospital. Many women have had several unnoticed heart attacks before they have a major MI that lands them in hospital or dead. PLEASE go to emergency, even if this passed hours ago. You must get a cardiac enzymes test and a 12 lead ECG. They will not leave you in the waiting room with symptoms like you've described!

Hugs, Sabrina

Thank you for sharing this experience with us. I definitely can emphasize with you. These are the moments one feels like dying, but thank's to God they pass and life goes on and better days and nights come. It is good to know that we are not the only ones to have to go through this scary experience.

I am wishing you a happy and pain-free Christmas.

Tess Naturagirl

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