Just a big Thank you! x

Thank you for letting me join this group, I didn't know there was such a thing and I don't know anyone with this disease, or maybe I do but we have not talked about it. I felt a bit embarrassed about having it, like I was making it up or something? I don't know why, it is very real! I am really grateful to be able to share and read. Thank you!

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  • Well good morning Hun.and welcome. Yes, I felt that way too,before I was diagnosed, and a relief to be able to say" yes! It is real" 😊 Yes, It,s lovely to be able to share and often get reassurance too. Hope you have a good day.x

  • I don't feel embarrassed about this awful illness now - but I know what you mean - I now tell everyone that is interested- I explain how I feel , what it is and treatments and how it has affected my life and family - shout it out from the roof tops the more people that know about it the more they will believe in what we have and the more we will be understood and helped. - hopefully - hope you have a pain free day x

  • Hello and welcome!

    I always find it difficult to talk to others about fibromyalgia, with it being "invisible" and me looking "normal" on the outside.

    It makes me feel like I am making it all up... not sure how anyone could make up the extensive list of symptoms that we experience! :)

    When anyone asks how are you doing? I usually reply I am doing ok, because I find it too difficult to try and explain what I really feel like.

    If you are interested in meeting other people, then you may find there is a local support group in your area... if you look on the website fmauk.org there is a section which details support groups, there is also lots of other useful information on this website which you may find helpful.

    Welcome to this group... xxx

  • That's very sweet!!I must say it's good to have you here! ! Have a lovely evening.Peck🐤

  • We are all in the same boat as they say

    Carol ☺

  • Hi yah , welcome it's not in your head it's a real illness and it hurts . Good you found us and don't let anyone tell you it's all in your head . They are lovely people on here and always ready to help.xx

  • Thank you for helping make this forum so special my friend. It is our privilege to have you a part of us.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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