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should we look a mess ?

Hi all just been reading though all my paper work re. esa reports etc and it seems just because i was well groomed and turned out i am deemed fit for work .So is the goverment saying disabled and people who are ill should not wash , comb there hair, dress decent but then again they are trying to put us all on the streets and make us homeless .

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It's my opinion that we are being 'kept in our place'. I can't see that any comment should be made about a person's grooming unless they are clearly not managing and need urgent help.

It is a real struggle for me to do my hair, but because I am very vain, I make sure I do it somehow, and if I didn't, my daughter would do it for me, so any comment would be irrelevant. I really think these comments go against the principle of Human Rights, and I am going to make a complaint.

I have not claimed DLA yet, tho' I may need to, but I am fed up to the teeth with hearing of the considerable distress suffered by people undergoing these humiliating assessments!

I don't know who to address my complaint to - who designs and implements these examinations, who is in charge of the whole unholy system? I can find out, of course, but if anyone knows, please could they tell me, and save me some time?

Moffy x


Hi Moffy, glad to hear you like me are vain lol , well the goverment set the questions (i think ) ? and atos do the dirty work so i think between them we blame them both . I like you feel this is against human rights i have a meeting on march the 15th with my local MP to air my views about this not sure if it will do me or anyone else any good and yes sadly she is on pinky and perkys side ( health minister and him who trys to run the country ) thats what i call them anyway . Please get back to me if you have any news , info etc on whom we address this to hugs xxxxxxx


Hi Moffy. Don't know who's in charge of the whole shebang but Michael Meacher has taken up the cause of people suffering under the Atos cosh. I wrote to thank him for his wonderful speech in parliament when he opened a debate on the issue. Like you I haven't tried to claim anything yet but made the point that the current draconian practices are making me worried for my future health and wellbeing. I got a lovely reply back - it's posted on here somewhere if you can find it. I'm sure he'd be very interested in these appalling assumptions. Good luck in your quest and thanks for socking it to them x




hi moffy not sure if you read my latest blogs but I WON have updated as said i would but wanted let you know , i am still going to look into human rights about the comment well groomed and smartly dressed not just about my case but for anyone else who is in this situation now i have won it as given me the push to help fight for others


The way I see it if that's what they are going to do then it's got to be a case of playing them at their own game by going to assessments in old clothes (if nothing matches so much the better!), no make up, hair unkempt etc.


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